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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Legs Love Lunges Challenge

aka I'm Brave Enough to Take Photos of My Legs Challenge
and actually post them!

This was to be the side view but LBM would not get out of the way.

Okay that's a little better.

I have only done ONE day of lunges.  I need 3 in the week.  Of course anyone who has been reading along for very long knows that since my attempt at P90X while running 50 miles a week resulted in the family flu bout, I have been hard pressed to do any actual cross training without the aid of a good Challenge.   So I am hoping that since a Challenge has been leveled my competetive nature will keep me on track. 

We were headed to VA for the weekend
(anyone in the area drop me a note if you want to get together for a run)
 so I only got a rainy 3.5 miles in the morning but since it was Friday the 13th an easy run close to home was probably a safe idea.

Thanks again to Amanda, I followed that up with lunges up and down the road. 
The farmers didn't know what to think.

Friday a.m. run Day # 96 ~ 3.5 / 28:37


  1. Sooo many people doing the challenge. At first I thought I should join in, but I'm not sure my knee will hold up.

  2. I will definitely check this challenge out. I do quite a bit of lunges in classes at the gym 3x/week but more certainly couldn't hurt. Well, they hurt my bunion a bit, but that's a different story. ;)

  3. laughing about your lunges up and down the road...when I was getting back to running after having a baby I would mix in lunges, grapevines, skipping, and high-knees in with my jogging. I always wondered what the neighbors thought when they saw me go by.

    also, love the header picture...wondering what all you carry in that stroller. I am hard pressed to add any extra weight to ours. It slows me down so much already :)

  4. nice legs!! :) I need to do this challenge, too.

  5. Hello - catching up on blogs. Love the picture at the top. Looks so peaceful. It made me nervous seeing you running on the right side of the road. Hope that was just a photo opp.

  6. YAY!!! Love it!! Little LBM cracked me up! I thought maybe he was going to do a mini challenge! Good luck! Can't wait to follow along!