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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

More Weekend in Rewind

Sunday afternoon we celebrated LBM's second birthday.  The kids were having so much fun I couldn't even get them to stop for cake!  So I had to take it to them.  Of course when it came time to open presents EVERYTHING stopped and paper flew!

Sadly Saturday came and went without a single photo being taken.  Can you believe it?
I know!  And I went on TWO runs.  One of them with Hubbs and NO photo. 
I am slipping.
The runs were great.  I got one 3.5 loop in solo (pause as the chorus of angels sings) while Hubbs took the kiddos on an four-wheeler ride.  The second 3.5 loop was with Hubbs and LBM.  It was Hubb's first run over 20 minutes that he didn't walk since his surgeries.  (you may remember he ran in the Race From Your Cubicle 5k, well he walked some of that).
I was so happy that he 1) allowed me to encourage him and 2) he didn't give up when he got tired.


Friday I had to take an day off of work due to some sitter complications so I was able to greet S'ghetti girl off the school bus.  She was so excited.  Can't you tell?
She had a "bad day."  She told me a new friend had stolen her favorite pencil and then lied about it.
Can you remember when the BIG dramas in life revolved around what pencil you used? 
Or what your did or didn't "borrow" from you?
We chatted on the porch to leave that "bad day" outside and not bring it home with her.  She came to a plan of how to handle this new "friend" and the situation on Monday. 

I was so productive with my day "off" that I got in my two runs long before I had to be ready for the after school bus.  Although I had forgotten how hot it gets running in the middle of the day.
LBM used the "long" run as his nap time in the jogger.  Score!

I started my Friday with my wake up 3.5 loop and then did my lunges around the cemetary.  It was a beautiful start to the day.

Thursday evening started the "weekend" for me this week since I would be off on Friday.  Biking Sherpa, LBM and I finished our run at the church with lunges.  Yeah, I was the only one DOING the lunges but we had a visitor doing CIRCLES!
It is NOT a good sign when a groundhog is:

1.  Out in a public place during the day.
2.  Unafraid of you.
3.  Walking drunken circles.

Of course NONE of those obvious signs kept me back from the animal.  Biking Sherpa and LBM stayed a safe distance as I got closer to see if he might have been "rolled" by a car.  Not the case.  He was a definate rabies candidate.  I will spare you the details.  But with the close proximity of the church to my house the necessary precautions were taken.  (sorry)

To start my weekend off right, I gathered up Biking Sherpa and LBM to head out for what would turn out to be an eventful evening run. 
You just gotta love the weekend!

There you go.  I'm all caught up to where I fell behind.  Whew!
Remember you still have time to enter the Three Giveaways but only until
7 a.m. September 1st!  Jump back and enter now. 
You have a great chance at winning.

Thanks for checking in with me!


  1. Groundhog + rabies = not safe to be around! That must have been scary!

  2. scary about the groundhog! glad you kept your distance.

    and woot to the hubster in running! i bet you are totally motivating him to go out there and get it done :)

  3. Love the cake blowing out pic! SO cute!
    Great job to the hubbs, too! And you got all your runs in - sounds like a successful weekend ;)

  4. Whew, what a weekend! Nice pics!!! Happy Bday to your LBM!

  5. Happy Birthday LBM! It sounds like you have had quite a few days.

  6. Happy Birthday LBM!! Love the pictures :)

  7. Wow - 2 already?? Happy Birthday, LBM!! And yeah, welcome to drama-city with the daughter - I think she's fast approaching that age! Man, girls are tough. Glad to hear you're still a running machine!! (hugs)

  8. Wow, you were busy. Happy Birthday, LBM.

    I don't like groundhogs - not sure why; they just scare me.

  9. What an adventure your weekend was. Happy birthday to your little guy. We should hook him us with my Bean in about 25 years -- she'll be two on Sunday!

  10. sounds like a wonderful weekend! Happy Birthday and first day of school!

  11. what a weekend! happy birthday to lbm!

  12. I missed most of the Giveaways but I am on day #5 of the 10 day challenge, which may or may not end with a Half PR, will see.


  13. My baby is two now...crazy how time flies.