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Friday, August 20, 2010

The 100 Days of Running ~ Reviews and Giveaways

The road to 100 days was a some times challengening one. 
I want to offer a word of caution to those who may look at the example I have set and want to attempt the same.
I do believe that our bodies were made to be used every single day.  I feel that we need a hour each day of exercise to truly get the most out of the bodies we have been put in charge of.
I did not go about my 100 days in a manner that was one I would suggest to other runners. 
I did not limit my miles.
I did not limit my efforts.
I raced.
I pushed.
I attempted multiple goals during my 100 days.

Given that many of you reading this are simply people like me; runners who love to run, love to attempt to win (an age group here or there) and maybe win a few races along the way, streaking is serious business.  Streaking is a thin line between pushing your limits and injurying your body.  And is not something that should be entered into without serious thought and flexibility.

So I did the one thing I have always told anyone
who would ask for fitness advice:
I listened to my body.

Because I listened I changed the way I normally run.
I normally put on my Sauconys and whatever clothes I have handiest and hit the road.
Maybe I remember fluids...sometimes.

As my streak progressed, I changed.
I took fluids.
(in one of two hand helds - to be reviewed in a later post)
I dressed with more thought to protecting my body and feeling good  about how I looked. ~ CEP Compression Socks!
It is amazing how much looking good while you are running can help you run better! ~ Running Skirts!
(to be reviewed in a later post)
I made sure that I accounted for the what ifs that can happen.    ~ Road ID!
I realized that a tired pair of Sauconys is not necessarily a worn out pair. ~ Sof Sole Insoles!

Making these and a few other changes allowed me to not only meet my goals but exceed my goals!
Injury Free.

Day # 102 08.19.10 ~ 6.5 miles / 52:06 with LBM

Let's talk about Sof Sole.  I have to admit that I really did not understand the importance of the insole in my shoes.  I mostly relied on the "tread wear" as the indicator of the shoes life.  Some of you many recall my Good Bye post to a pair of Saucony's that I wore for 1000 miles.  Little did I know that I could have been getting longer miles out of more of my shoes if only I had replaced the insole! 
As soon as the package arrived from Sof Sole, I was inserting my new insoles.  I ran with both the Athlete and Airr insoles.  The package did a great job at explaining how to tirm the insole and properly insert it into the shoe. 

Now you have to remember I am a newbie to the majority of fitness related support gear so I didn't realize that I should have used my old insoles as a guide when trimming the new ones.  The instructions are the one and only negative I could find about my new Sof Sole insoles. 
Prior to the new insoles I was alreadying thinking about starting a new pair of shoes even though my tread still looked good.  The insoles made my shoes feel new again!  It was amazing.  I will never again sideline a pair of running shoes without first replacing the insoles and getting more miles out of them.  This one step will save me buying countless extra shoes and although I recycle/donate my running shoes I like the thought that I will be saving a little bit on what I put in that landfill!  Who knew Sof Soles insoles were eco friendly?!

So now you can get a little help in extending the life of your favorite pair of shoes and helping your body remain injury free!  This will be the beginning of three giveaways.

To enter please leave a comment for each item completed.

1. Visit Sof Sole and tell me what you like in their product line or offer a suggestion or comment about their website.

3.  Follow this blog.  (Mandatory)

4.  Anyone who commented on the past three 100 Days posts by midnight August 19th (EST) will get an extra entry into these giveaways.

5.  If you answered the questions in the past two 100 Day posts will get a bonus entry into these giveaways. 

6.  BONUS.  Anyone who will take up the challenge to streak for 10 days (honor code here!  verifiable via your blog or dailymile) will get 10 extra entries into these giveaways. 
Your streak starts today August 20th.  Minimum 1 mile each day.

Up Next for Review and Giveaway...

Go check them out now and you'll be ready for the next post!

The products were given to me for my honest review.  That is what is above.


  1. i'm so proud you were able to stay injury free! :)

    i like the coolmax trainer socks

  2. i follow them on fb

  3. and i follow you already

  4. i commented on your last 3 posts

  5. and i answered your q's :)

  6. and i know i'm going to be streaking the next 10 days anyway. so i might as well get an entry out of it ;)


  7. It's great to know which products helped you get through SOOOO many miles! I already know and love CEP and ROadID, but SofSole is new to me!

    I just scoped out the website. I need to try these!!! I wear a high stability shoe which means I don't get as much cusioning... these sound great. Awesome that they have moisture control!

  8. Of COURSE I follow your blog. :D

  9. YAY! I commented on your last three posts! Pretty sure I comment on ALL of your posts. ;)

  10. Don't enter me as I already have the Sof Soles but just wanted to say congrats on the 100 again!

  11. wohooo on 100!! I follow you of course

  12. i like the ask a doctor feature on their website

  13. You are so amazing. Love following your journey.

  14. I wouldn't have thought about using insoles to add life to my shoes before reading your review. I thought of them more as orthotics which I don't think I need (but I'm a new-ish runner so I don't really know anything!).

    I do like that they have different arch height options because I have a pretty high arch.

  15. I'd love to try SofSole's Athlete insoles. When my shoes get tired I feel it most in my forefoot, so the gel forefoot protection is right up my alley!

  16. I'm a follower of your blog and love it.

  17. I believe I commented on all three of you 100 Day posts!

  18. It is your decision if I answered the questions in your two 100 day posts. I answered one and commented on the other (taking time for ourselves).

  19. Consider the streak done ... which would make 12 straight days for me!

  20. I'm a follower. and I'm glad the streak was successful for you!

  21. I'd love the althete insole but I'd also take them to Disneyworld next month for the cushioning and moisture wicking! Perfect!

  22. Congrats on your streak!
    I like the Athlete insoles - they had me at "max cushioning"

  23. You are amazing! I loved following your journey and am in Ah..of what you did. Great job! I love this blogging community!

    Oh and I'm a follower!

  24. Checked out their site and I like the athlete soles, I love gel and lots of cushon.

  25. I'm game for the 10 day challenge. Let's see how this goes. I like it.

  26. congrats on 100+ days so far!

    I'm a follower

  27. Can I start my streak today? Yesterday was a planned rest day and I didn't read this until today.

  28. I visited their website and have been tempted to buy sof sol for a few months now.

  29. I follow sof sol on their FB page

  30. I commented your posts and answered questions!!

    Great job and really good post with this- education is all part of the training!

  31. Follower now (been lurking for quite a while)

  32. the athlete insole looks promising (still recovering from PF)

  33. You are amazing! I so look forward to stopping by each day and seeing your smiling face. Keep streaking!

  34. already a fan on FB