Daily Chatter

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Two in the Afternoon

... is a really great time of day to go for a run

with the jogging stroller.  not

Somedays I just wonder what I am thinking.

Maybe I just love the challenge of getting in my miles as much as the actually

running of the miles?!

Day #91 ~ 6.5 / 52:06

While sweating my butt off enjoying my run today, I was thinking about my fall/winter racing dreams plans.

Since I am on a Hubby-induced racing hiatus I thought I really needed to figure out what I really want

to accomplish before starting a convo with Hubbs.  (Can we say 50 mile trail race? Please!!)

I know that my focus has shifted away from speed.

I have found that I really enjoy pushing myself with challenges based on course, distance and elements.

My question today is:

As you have been racing/running over the years have you found your focus to change from one aspect of

running to another?  Or have your goals been more of a progressive improvement in pace and placing?

LBM all decked out ready for the end of Discovery's Shark Week!

After such a great physical and mental workout LBM and I both needed to rehydrate. 

Now it's off to the pool! 


  1. I have to admit, I'm still rather focused on improving my time on road racing distances, but after spending some time at the ultra over the weekend, I do see the possibility of something... ELSE... in the future.

  2. I too am on a husband requested hiatus. But I know it is best for the family right now. He would never tell me no. So, I'm going to volunteer at an upcoming marathon AND I've started training for a triathlon. I'll never give up my runs and plan on keeping at least 10-15 mile long runs in the schedule each week. I have enjoyed shaking things up and like the changes I'm seeing in my body. Stay tuned....we'll see how this goes!

  3. Hmmm, lots to think about. Over time focus changes between lots of things. I'm in a race year, which has never happened to me before. Other times it is speed, fun, challenge, cadence, breathing, strengthening...just about anything to do with running it seems like (well, except placing in a race). I hope you can find what your next focus will be.