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Monday, August 16, 2010

Freaked Out!

All weekend I struggled with a lack of motivation. 
 I felt like my measly miles really didn't amount to much compared to all the long runs everyone was putting in.

What I lacked in motivation I made up for in jealousy.  I was jealous of all the races planned when I still have none.  I spent considerable time looking over upcoming races to see what I'd really like to do but even that didn't snap me out of it!

I was really getting Freaked Out over whether or not I was going to get my run in today.
It's Day #98!  I kept telling myself.  Get out there and get your miles in.
Then Negative Nancy would start yapping about not really having a race to plan for and how I wasn't going to get a long run in this weekend with everything else.
Yap Yap Yap.

So I spent the day with my family simply spending time together knowing that when we got back to PA I would be hitting the treadmill.  After the long drive, I needed to find some way to keep myself on the mill.
A movie! 

I got everything in place.  The kids were playing in the other room.  My Nathan's handheld was filled with ice cold fluids.  Good to go.
I told myself just do 2 miles and see how you feel.  Okay.
Start the movie.  Which movie?
The Fourth Kind
I like a good scary movie sometimes.  But this movie started out with the actress telling everyone how there is actual footage along with the movie and how "these events were supported by actual video or audio."

The miles were ticking by and I had stumbled across my motivation somewhere on that looping black belt!
I was in a little room tucked under the stairs with headphones on so I can't hear much of anything else that is going on around me. 
Freaked Out!

I kept thinking I heard noises behind me.
Uh, maybe because the kids were in the adjacent room, duh!
But at the time that reality didn't register.
Needless to say when S'ghetti girl opened the door to tell me LBM was done "playing nicely", I screamed out loud and ended my run with 5.75 miles. 

Now the kids are in bed and I would really love to go get in another 5 miles but I have to admit that I am still a bit Freaked Out!

Next time, a comedy.


  1. Hahaha! That's so funny! Note to self: do not watch scary movies while on treadmill in creepy little room. ;)

  2. haha. i love scary movies but i always end up freaking myself out hardcore!

  3. No way could I watch a scary movie and run. I am such a chicken!

  4. Your post made me laugh. :) Too funny. Thanks for brightening my day!

  5. u r one of the most motivated runners i know. so dont worry about some lack of motivation. u r still a rockstar!!!!

    good post, shelly!

  6. Great job! I am with you on the lack of motivation thing, so this was exactly what I needed to read to push me to get my long run done on the treadmill later today.

  7. You are one of the most motivated ladies I know! Long runs don't signify runner, so enjoy the moment! :)

  8. Hahahaha! Hmmm...Maybe a scary movie is what I need, too!

    I lacked motivation this weekend, too. I LOVE to cross off the mileage and that feeling you get when you finish a run, but the motivation was hard this weekend! Nice job on gettit it done!

  9. Did S'ghetti Girl scream back? You must have really startled her too.

    I think I'd feel nauseous if I were to run on a mill and watch t.v. I don't know how you did it - scary or not.

    One more day now, right?

  10. Great job getting that run done! I am NOT a big fan of scary movies... definitely can't watch them alone.

    Almost at 100!!

  11. I hear ya with the freaked out part. I run with the lights off when I'm on my 'mill and freaky movies/shows are not allowed. I get too freaked out watching them in the dark. Way to get your miles in.

  12. I can't watch a scary movie ever, I'm sure I'd lose it during a run. Maybe it'd make me run faster though. Haha. Yahoo, #98 in the books!!

  13. Oh how this really cracked me up!! I totally pictured you and pictured myself doing the same thing! I watched Trueblood season 2 in the spring when it was too cold to get out and it made me jumpy.
    I can't watch scary movies no matter how much I want to I know my active imagination will go into overdrive! Hope you have a lovely #99!!!!