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Monday, August 30, 2010

Rewind the Weekend

How can the days be getting shorter already?
It takes some getting used to this time of year.
Remembering that if we don't get out the door by a certain time we will need a headlamp and lantern or flashlight long before we get home.

Sunday was a very busy day.  In fact I wasn't sure there would be a run at all but I thought about what day it was Day # 113 for those who are counting and I knew I just couldn't end on that number so late as it was LBM and I hit the road.  S'ghetti girl had just gotten back from spending the day at a friend's house and she was getting her hair done for school the next day.
Just enough time for a quick trip around the 6.5 loop.
The setting sun didn't even cross my mind.
It was sunny and H.O.T when we left but as we ran the sun quickly fell behind the mountain tops.

Luckily when I approached this little fella there was still enough light that I could see him before stepping on him.  He was not happy when I approached him to pull him off the road.  So I backed off to see if he would leave on his own.  I held my breath as two cars passed safely over him.  As I approached him a second time a third car came and...
they were busy looking at me.
I felt terrible! 
The driver realizing that he had hit the snake stopped, checked the snake (which was only a large black snake) and apologized for hitting it.  As if it were my snake!  It was nice of them to stop.
As we ran on, LBM in his limited language asks about the snake.

LBM, "Ssssssssssss?"
Me, "Yeah, honey the snake went with his daddy and mommy."
LBM, "No!"
Me, "Yeah.  He's with his family."
LBM, "No. thump (insert LMB-isum for the sound of the car hitting the snake!)"

Even in the semi-dark, I couldn't pull one over on him.

This is only the beginning of the animal tales from the weekend in rewind.  Stay tuned for the next installment.

Congratulaton to those who took up the 10 Day Streak Challenge!
Here is a list of those I believe were going to attempt it.
Drop by their blogs and congratulate them.
If I missed you, let me know.
Send me an update on how you did, how do you feel, what are your thoughts towards streaking and what was your 10 day mileage total?  Give me all the details!
Thanks for streaking with me.  I am so proud of everyone who used me as a little motivation to get out there on those days when motivation is a little lacking.


  1. 113...holy. You are just amazing.

  2. NOOOOOOOOOO to the days getting shorter. i don't even want to contemplate that hah

    and i completed the streak! i was going to take yesterday as a rest day because of my toe BUT i remembered at 8pm last night and got out there for 1.1 miles haha

  3. I'm kinda happy about the days getting shorter. Just don't like them getting TOOOOO short.

  4. G and I have started to realize the days getting shorter. And every day we forget our headlamps.

    10 days - 65 miles

  5. Came across your blog today, 1st time reader. I won't tell you what streak day I am on but it it much north of years, well past a habit. You can streak and race as well, a "rest day" is just an easy 2-3 mile start to the morning. Good luck, keep it going.

  6. I get so depressed when the days start getting shorter--boo to winter! Sorry about YOUR snake!

  7. I still need to run today because I started a day late. I expect to do about 4 miles - which should put me at 50 for the 10 days. Go you with the 113!

  8. Ah Yikes! Snakes give me the heeeby jeebies!!

    I'm not exactly ready for the shorter days...it seems like summer never really came to the PNW. =-/

  9. I am torn - I want the cooler weather, but I don't want the shorter days! Dang it! I want it all! Happy Monday!

  10. seems like the week goes by so long and the weekends so short!

  11. Awww, too bad about the snake!

    And yes, crazy how dark it is in the mornings and evenings now! Time to dig out some reflective gear!

  12. Poor snakey. Not that I'm a snake lover - hehe. Great job on the 113th, girl!!

  13. I am totally with people on the cooler weather but not shorter days! Way to go on day 113!

  14. way to go on finding ways to fit it in!! Just proof positive that it is a load of baloney when folks say they don't have time

  15. Ugh, I'm totally snake phobic - even if it isn't a dangerous one.

    It's so sad that the days are getting shorter. I'm kind of OK with fall coming, but why can't it still stay light out longer/earlier.

  16. I wouldn't want to step on that snake. Sadly, I wouldn't be upset if the car went over him. Explaining things like that to kids, though, is tough. I can't imagine what LI would say about it.

  17. cute story!!!

    ya it is getting darker earlier and ligher later! ugh. fall time is here....