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Sunday, August 1, 2010

A weekend project

I just didn't think I was busy enough with work, kids, a household, volunteering at the county fair and trying to run 50 a week so I figured lets tear out the kitchen windows and put in french doors!
It was a busy tiring day but a day ull of accomplishments.  And with the final day of the fair, a day full of otton candy.  Don't worry I worked it off with a great morning run.
Enjoy what's left of your weekend!

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  1. oh man. and just when i thought i could complain about being busy, you go and trump me ;)

    but projects are fun. especially when you get to see results! enjoy the rest of your sunday too :)

  2. Yes you are busy, but those french doors are going to be wonderful! I have a feeling you'll love them.

  3. The doors look great. I bet you're glad that you find time to do them.

  4. Amazing doors!! YOu are one busy lady :) I hope you are having lots of fun!

  5. Oh that's on my WISH LIST of things to do in my house!!! Well, almost. I need sliding glass doors so they'll match the ones 2 feet away on the sunporch. Every contractor who's ever come through my house has pretty much said, "why don't you put sliding glass doors here?" Sigh. I'm jealous of your busy life.

  6. OH...those doors are amazing! I'm sure you'll love them!