Daily Chatter

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Oh Yeah!

Start line - early
Trails - owned
PR -  crushed
Details - later

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Saturday, October 30, 2010

That's it

That's it.  
The last run before the race.
And now time to fill.
Cleaning and preping the Camelbak.
Laying out a zillion, I mean one race day outits.
Getting things ready for Hubbs and the kiddos to do while I am gone.
Driving the morning route so I'll know it in the dark.
Cleaning the house.
Washing laundry.
Craving pumkins.
Loading the car.
Did I say, laying out gear.
Oh yeah, I did.
I'll be doing jus about EVERYTHING I can except thinking about the...
Happy Halloween...or Harvest, if it makes you happier.

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Friday, October 29, 2010

Where did the time go?

Last night was basketball for S'ghetti girl so LBM and I ran around the playground, chased after balls and shared a few books.  We were having so much fun!
But before we knew it S'ghetti girl was racing out the door and basketball was over.

Where did that time go?

While playing with LBM on the playground chasing after him and making sure he didn't fall off the top of everything he just had to climb on I wondered the same question.

Where did that time go?

How did Army Son go from Squirt to Army Son to soon to be Married Army Son?  With problems and choices and decisions beyond the ones I can catch him if he falls from?

Where did that time go?

Since I had already ran in the morning I didn't do any real miles last night.
I mean the race is a mere 2 sleeps away.

Where'd that time go?

And I haven't talk goals yet.  So here it is:

My I FINISHED goal:  To arrive on time.  To start.  To finish.
The race has a 9 hour cut off.  Which tells me the course may not be a challengening as The Skyline Challenge course was.  If you remember, that was my all time favorite race EVER!  I know that I can finish in 9 hours as long as I don't fall off the side of the mountain, which can happen you know!

My I CAN goal:  Finish within 33 minutes of my last 50k trail ultra.
I say 33 minutes becuase that is the distance of this course in minutes.  I figure I can finish easily within a minute either side of my previous time.  Again barring not falling off the side of the mountain. 

My I LOVE IT goal:  A new distance PR. 
Since trail ultras are not exact distances.  RDs like to say their course is at least 50k, a new PR would be more about average pace than finishing time but with a 50k PR (time) of 6:46 I'd love to crush that on Sunday.

My I DREAM IT goal:  Under 6 hours.
Yeah.  You read that right.  When I dream I don't have little baby dreams.
When I dream I jump in with both feet even on Day # 175
 I dream that I can cover that distance in under 6 hours.
If I don't fall off the side of the mountain.
It can happen.

The only thing more I could pray for is to have that thought that has been with me so much lately stay with me as I run across that finish line and throw my log onto the bonfire!
I pray I see those flames and think;

Where did that time go?

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Day # 171 p.m. run ~ treadmill ~ Movie:  Daybreakers

1.  A few days ago as I was getting my morning coffee at the McD's drive through, the nice lady who waits on me when I am too lazy to make coffee (in which I use Splenda and not sugar) looked at me and said, "Did you hear about Splenda and short term memory loss."
She said it in such a serious-concerned-for-me way I was a bit surprised and didn't really get a chance to respond before she continued briefing me on the reported effect of Splenda on my already failing memory cells.
This explains  A LOT.
1.  I stop for coffee waaay too often.
2.  There are really nice people that I interact with each day.
3.  It is not my fault that I forget things!  It's the Splenda! 

Another baby newt! I love these guys!

2.  Probably because of the aforementioned short term memory loss, I forgot to tell you that I saw Morton the Muskrat!  You remember him, right?  We even had a giveaway to name him back this spring.
Well, with the thick growth along the river and his shy behavior I haven't really seen much of him all summer.
Due to my love all of all things nature, it was great to see he is thriving and storing up for the winter.
It doesn't take much to brighten my day, does it?

Day # 172 ~ a.m. run ~ 3.5

3.  See it doesn't take much to distract my mind for the quickly approaching race.  Okay, it actually takes a lot to get my brain to stop thinking about the race.  Humm, not the actual race but the getting there! 
Again that is my BIG worry.
What if I don't make it to the bus in time?
What if I am late and they leave without me?
I have 33+ mountainious miles to run and I'm worried about simply getting to the start!

I guess that is one way to keep my mind distracted from getting to the finish.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

But I usually like Bugs?

Four more sleeps until Race Day.
Day # 171

Last night the unseasonably mild weather drew me outside for a run with LBM.  I know that in the last week before a race nothing you do can really help your performance as much as what you do can hurt your performance.

Still I went out for a run telling myself that it wouldn't be a fast one - it was really windy, yeah I won't think about the effort.  We got all loaded up and we were off.
It was great to be outside.  We paused at the neighbor's to see their puppies.  We enjoyed the leaves falling as we ran.  We had the wind in our faces.

Yeah.  In.our.faces.
the whole time.

How is that even possible?

I told myself I still had really cut back my miles and a 10 mile day was no big deal for me to do this close to the race. 
I ran on.

Uneventful miles.  Running.  Breathing.  Talking.  Singing.  Picking up tossed toys.
The usual.

Ahhhh.  The turn back to "our" road.
Only about a mile and a half to go.

Pick up another toy.

Why, Hello stomach. 
Did you say something when I bent down to pick up that toy?
Yes you did. 
Well there is no need to shout.
Oh!  Okay.
Right! Now??

(thank goodness for the dark)

I usually like all Bugs.
But not that kind!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


I think it was the "just too much on my mind" that kept me awake after getting LBM back to sleep at 4 a.m. so when we got ready to go for our morning miles I was happy to see the world was hidden in fog.

I just love fog.

It calms me.

And running in fog is even more calming.

The quiet stillness makes me feel like everything else simply doesn't exsist for those few miles.
All my worries are set aside just for a little bit.

It doesn't matter that life is stressful.
It doesn't matter that the BIG race is days away.
It doesn't matter that I might be running it completely alone.
It doesn't matter that work is so busy.
It doesn't matter for a bit.

And once I'm done running those worries don't seem quite as big anymore.

What helps you calm yourself when life and running and responsibility just add up to a little more than your shoulders want to bare?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Life Lesson Number 6831

I have done my fair share of running over the weekend.
Some in the dark.

Some in the cold.

Some with LBM and the Biking Sherpa

Some in the morning.

I had some time to think during all that running.
But it still wasn't enough time to realize that everyone does not want to hear about everything that happens in my life.  Especially the negative.

Oh gee there I said.
Less than positive.
Does that make it better.

The reality is that my life is far from perfect.
My family is filled with...wait for it...wait for it...

Human Beings!

It's a shock.  I know.
So this weekend when Hubbs and I were talking about upcoming weekends and plans imagine the fall out when he forgot that I am running a 50k this coming Sunday.
How does a person forget that there wife is running a 50k, anyway?

It is true that I try not to talk about my running ALL the time
to spare Hubbs the insanity
forget completely?!

It was kind of a bummer.
And what did I do?
Well of course, I shared my bummer feeling with the world.
Come on now.  Of course I did.

Facebook - Yep
Blog - Yep
Comments - Yep
Family - Yep

Learned Life Lesson Number 6831 - "Knowing when not to share everything" - Nope

But be assured this blog will return to it's normal upbeat life-is-mostly-rosey-obessed-with-running self tomorrow as we count down the days and enter
Taper Brain Territory
with only 6 more sleeps to go!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Future Entomologist or Serial Exterminator?

You know what I spent this morning doing?
Researching spiders and praying mantis.

YeahLife in the fast line!

But it is FALL and the spiders and insects are really big now and every.single.one.of.them is

I do not lie.

This praying mantis is pink.

They are.

I am not frightened of spiders however; I do not want LBM to get bitten because he picked the wrong one up.

Yeah.  I said, "...picked the wrong one up."

LBM has two responses to insects and arachnids.

1.  The squat and follow
This technique allows LBM to enjoy the little critter for as long as his interest lasts.  He crouches as close as possible and stares, sometimes employing the "blow on it slightly" agitation technique.  If the critter is agitated into movement, LBM simply follows slowly behind and crouches again.  This series can repeat it's self over and over as the critter and attention spans allow.

2.  The see and squash
This technique does not allow for much appreciation of the critter and is often the result of LBM's failed attempts to pick up the critter.  Once the critter has been spotted, LBM moves in to attempt to capture it.  If the critter successfully evades capture several times LBM will attempt to immobilize the critter to aid in capture.  This is often accomplished via the bottom of his shoe.  Even after several explanations regarding the effects of one's shoe bottom on such a small critter, LBM refuses to discontinue this observation technique.  (I attempt to thwart this technique as often as possible)

For now I attempt to teach a distanced appreciation of all the little critters that we find along the way
...and stay current on my insect identification, just in case.

9 days to the big race.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Day # 164 p.m. run ~ 7.2 miles - 59 minutes praying

We had no trouble finishing our miles last night. We ran our usual 6.5 mile loop and then added on .7 to have run 59 minutes. I spent what quiet time LBM gave me in prayer for a fellow blogger and her family. But I also used that time to remember my own family and those who have passed away.
A nice way to focus your thoughts...when the little one is napping.

After our first 6.5 LBM could not wait to "Me Run" in the moonlight for the last few minutes.  He is amazingly fast but stops whenever he wants to and not always the "finish line."
But he always declares, "Me Win" no matter where he decides he is done running.

10 more days to the Big Race.  It is on Halloween Day and we have been asked to wear something bright; yellow, orange, pink, due to the proximity to private lands and potential hunting. 
 Plus if I fall over and pass out they will be more likely to spot me.
Any suggestions on what I should wear?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


Just when life is rolling along on it's usual routine way little surprises happen to help add something to our days.
Sometimes those surprises are a box full of goodies from a thoughtful friend. 

Day # 164

Sometimes its a run that goes smoothly. 
Allowing you to slip into that wonderfully carefree style of running when it becomes like simply breathing.

Sometimes its a morning that greets you after a difficult night.

Surprises come in many forms. 
I like to think that none are good and none are bad they simply are an opportunity to grow and learn by offering a new way to look at things.

Army Son recently surprised us with big news. 
I am trying to not see it as good or bad.
He has asked a young lady to marry him.
This December.
Why not simply be celebrating?
They have known each other 2 months.
If you are familiar with the military and issues that many PVTs encounter while away from home for the first time you may understand the shock.

I watched my youngest play with a cardboard box last night.  It made him so happy.
And that is what I want for Army Son too.
To be happy.
With a few less surprises.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Do you think I should we practice carb-loading

We practice running hills.
We practice running in the rain.
We practice running fast.
We practice running slow.
We practice our breathing while runnng.
We practice our fueling methods on long runs.
We practice practice practice.
I don't think it's wrong to practice carb-loading.  I think it could be the missing component in my running!
And who's to say that a warm pile of rice krispie treats at 10:45 p.m. isn't the secret edge I've been looking for in my racing?
I'm just sayin'

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Monday, October 18, 2010

Rural Fall Activities - Defined

TP Season has begun.

In case you are not familiar with the antics of rural hoodlums children I give you a brief run down.

TP = to waste copius amounts of toilet paper by winding it through trees, bushes, cars, over houses, under porches, through railings in an attempt to waste as much of the homeowner's time as possible in removing the wasted toilet paper.
TicTac or Corn = to throw handfuls of shells corn at passing vehicles from adjacent corn/wheat fields or from overpasses.
Soap = The liberal application of bar or liquid soap to the windows of a house, car or tractor in the attempt to "get away with it."  I mean can there be any other reason??
Spot-lighting = The attempt to get every deer in the area on the run to increase the already high chances that someone will hit them with their cars.  Alternative definition:  The attempt to annoy every homeowner by shining really bright lights into their homes at night.
Now you are completely prepared for the fall season and can speak the lingo!

Of course there was some running for me too. 
I needed that to get rid of the frustration of owing the house that always gets TPed!
My kids think it's an annual fall event.
At least the hoodlums kids are getting better at it year after year. 

Today is Day # 162

Oh well.  At least it saves me another trip to Sam's Club!

Friday, October 15, 2010

How did that happen?

Day # 159 ~ 3.5 morning miles

I'm asking that question a lot lately.
How'd that happen?

Things seem to be happening and I seem to be unaware of them.

LBM has learned to open doors.  ~ How'd that happen?
Army son shared life changing news that blindsided us ~ How'd that happen?
S'ghetti girl has taken to doing homework on her own without being asked.  ~ How'd that happen?
I surpassed my yearly mileage goal ~ How'd that happen?

I am now at 2026.7 miles.  That means on Tuesday's run I hit 2010 miles.
It came and went and I didn't even realize.

At the begining of the year it seemed like a lot of miles. 
It seemed like something I wasn't sure I'd accomplish but I wanted to reach for it knowing that I need to reach into what is just beyond what I know I can do to be able to see how much more I can do.

Life is a bit chaotic in Shelly-land. 
Army Son has thrown us a big curve ball, one that I am not ready to share in detail yet.
But I know that even though my eyes can't quite see how this will all work out,
I know that it will.

I've been promised and shown that it is true.

28And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him,[a] who[b] have been called according to his purpose.
                                     ~ Romans 8:28 NIV

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Day # 158 ~ 3.5 a.m. done ~ 8 - 10 p.m. to go

Can we say Tired?!
This morning dispite my lack of quality sleep, LBM and I practiced the lost art of puddle jumping. 
I was a drown rat when we were done with 3.5 morning miles on Day # 158 however LBM was only getting started.
After some instruction he was a master of the puddle!
Starting your day doesn't get much better than this.

S'ghetti girl was hugely successful at Fall Foliage selling heandbands. 
She had a great time and enjoyed chatting with all the potential customers. 
She even made a few new friends!

I know that you all have been missing Biking Sherpa since her attempted retirement following the big yellow dog scare. 
So I will give you a little update.
She went and go a tatoo on her foot.
It reads, "In the footsteps of angels.  SRS and FDRG"
Those are the initials of your grandfathers.
Kids take inspiration from so many places.  You never know just what or where you might provide an opportunity to impact your children or someone else's.
Sourround your kids with a variety of influences and be a part of your children's friend's lives too. 
You just don't know who might be getting a tat' about you someday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doesn't Anyone Sleep Around Here??

Day # 156 ~ p.m. run 6.5 miles

There I was last night enjoying my evening run with Jr. biking sherpa and LBM blindly thinking that life was cruising along in it's nice chaotic insane orderly routined way.  When...


LBM refuses to stay in bed until nearly 1:30 a.m.  Yes, that's in the middle of the night people!
THEN Army son decides to convey his future plans via text message at 1:30 also.
What?  Were they conspiring?

Didn't I just get done telling the world
(well at least the Face Book world)
how much I love routine?!?

This is to be my-world-is-mostly-rosey place
today my eyes are so bloodshot that it looks a little bit red.
And for that reason you get a glimpse into the craziness that sometimes happens
when you have a 20 year old, a 9 year old, and a 2 year old.
and a hubbs who sometimes falls in there somewhere inbetween.  He acts like it anyway!

Day # 157 - a.m. run 3.5 miles

After very very very little sleep I got S'ghetti girl (she's now my favorite!) off to school and a sleepy LBM and I went off for some give-mommy-some-strength-Lord run time.
It helped. 
A little.

For all you mommies with little ones who want to pull out your hair.
Think of me and remember that these days....

...these kinds of moments are fleeting.
Although they tire you at this age enjoy every moment and complain about none of them.
And when they start to drive you crazy go for a run...
it always helps
a little.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Highlight of my Weekend

Day # 156 ~ a.m. run ~ fog city

This morning while I was running my little wake-up-make-sure-life-doesn't-get-in-the-way run, I could not stop thinking that the highlight of my weekend was the race.

Should I feel quilty that I selfishly feel that way?

Getting to share another race experince with my Hubbs and kiddos was amazing!
Here is our experince in photos:

Waiting near the front of the pack.

Over 160 runners showed up for our little local event.
20th Anniversary of an event will help boost the numbers!
My first mile was 7:20.  I held pretty steady the entire race (7:32 pace).
I held the lead for the first half of the race but simply didn't have the push for the last two hills (go ahead say it, over trained under rested!).  I allowed just a little too much distance to get between me and the other runner.  I gave it everything on the last strech but did not have enough distance to catch her.
46:46 ~ Second
I'll take that on Day # 153

Hubbs took over 2 minutes off his time in two weeks!

I set a 5 year PR for the distance and course!
Once you've been running for decades it's hard to compare your current running with what you were able to do when you were younger...and childless.

Yes. That is LBM laying on the pavillion floor still in his pjs.

Do you see the donut I was eating!  Yummy!
okay half of it went into the trash because that was just tooo much sugar even for me.

There was a giant cake to celebrate the anniversary of the race.  LBM loved it and helped eat 2 pieces!

Our race director is a wonderful woman.  Who works very hard to put on a smoothly ran event.
This races benefits our local Love INC chapter.

LBM helped us both get our medals. 
Hubbs was very pleased with how he felt on his run and thanked me for signing us up.
I read that as an invitation to find more race for us to do together, wouldn't you?
S'ghetti girl was busy making friends and begging to hit the play ground.

After awards we played on the play ground with the kiddos.  We just had to reward great racing support. 
Thanks to my BIL who watched the kids while we raced!

It was a great morning in a beautiful place doing my very favorite thing with my favorite people!

What did you do with your favorite people over the weekend?

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Proud Mama

I am a proud mama.
It's time for some bragging.
I have to give my S'ghetti girl a huge That'a Girl for learning to use the sewing machine and making headbands to sell at our local Fall Foliage Festival this weekend.
Rarely can I get her to do things out of her comfort zone but when money entered the equation all bets were off and she really did a great job!
I know she is going to enjoy the experince of interacting with all her potential customers and probably more than a few friends who stop by her booth.

And she stepped out of her comfort zone last night by going to basket ball camp.
She did not want to!
I really felt she would find something about the activity and social interaction that she would like.
And guess what?
She did!
I am so proud of her for trying something new!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

I've been excited

I have been like a kid a Christmas.  You might think I have been feeling this way because of the race I'll be running Saturday morning but that is not the reason.
You might like it was surpassing the 150 mark in my days of running but wrong again.  
The reason I was so exited was I had done something that I have never done.  
I got something to commerate 100 days of running.  I have never bought myself something after a marathon or after my first ultra.  And in a way I still haven't because what I was so excited about was the fact that I surprised another blogger with a little unexpected happiness!

There isn't anything better than giving!  Add in a surprise giving and it is the BEST feeling ever!  So no matter how I run this race today, I am filled with happiness that I was able to uplift someone else.

And doing well in the race would just be icing on the cake!

-- Sent from my Palm Pre

Friday, October 8, 2010

Over and Under Prepared

How can that be you wonder.
How can I be over and under prepared?

Let me tell you.

I am waaaaaay over trained.
no one's fault but my own.

152 days is a whole wagon load of habit.

Day # 152 ~ 3.5 miles a.m. run
I am waaaay under prepared because I haven't even washed my running clothes.
I haven't picked out what I'll wear.
I haven't even decided which shoes I'll wear.
trail or street

I did only run 3.5 miles yesterday
I have only ran 3.5 miles today.
that could help my legs feel a little bit rested. 
I have time tonight to do the wash.
there will be clothes to wear
no matter how I run or what I wear
I'll be running with Hubbs again
and that will be amazing!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.
Wishing you all strong legs and a happy heart in your running and racing adventure this weekend!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  The majority of my runs so far this week have been on the treadmill. 
And this is why:

This is how dark it is when I was done running last night.  Ugh!
It is only October 7th.  I wonder if I will ever even see the sunshine once the time changes?!
At least I know that I won't have a problem making myself get on the mill over the winter.

2.  "Done?  Me run."  That is what LBM says everyday as we approach our house at the end of our jogging stroller runs.  He already knows when we are getting close to the house and will start asking.
It is so cute.
Who know it would take three children before I finally got one that will want to run with me.
No.  Check that.
He wants to run faster than me.
Because once he is out of the stroller and running down the center of the road.
(Yeah okay you've all seen the pictures.  It's not a surprise!)
He yells over his shoulder, "Beat you.  Beat you."  As he giggles hysterically.

3.  Question?  How many of you go "commando" while running?
The reason I ask. 
Wednesday night I had already set the kiddos up with a snack and a movie and was changing into my running gear when I realized I had my shorts but nothing for under them.
I know that my running shorts are equipped to be worn than way but I was fussing with them the entire run.
So I ask, do you go commando or not?  Why?  Any lessons learned that helped you make your choice?