Daily Chatter

Monday, October 25, 2010

Life Lesson Number 6831

I have done my fair share of running over the weekend.
Some in the dark.

Some in the cold.

Some with LBM and the Biking Sherpa

Some in the morning.

I had some time to think during all that running.
But it still wasn't enough time to realize that everyone does not want to hear about everything that happens in my life.  Especially the negative.

Oh gee there I said.
Less than positive.
Does that make it better.

The reality is that my life is far from perfect.
My family is filled with...wait for it...wait for it...

Human Beings!

It's a shock.  I know.
So this weekend when Hubbs and I were talking about upcoming weekends and plans imagine the fall out when he forgot that I am running a 50k this coming Sunday.
How does a person forget that there wife is running a 50k, anyway?

It is true that I try not to talk about my running ALL the time
to spare Hubbs the insanity
forget completely?!

It was kind of a bummer.
And what did I do?
Well of course, I shared my bummer feeling with the world.
Come on now.  Of course I did.

Facebook - Yep
Blog - Yep
Comments - Yep
Family - Yep

Learned Life Lesson Number 6831 - "Knowing when not to share everything" - Nope

But be assured this blog will return to it's normal upbeat life-is-mostly-rosey-obessed-with-running self tomorrow as we count down the days and enter
Taper Brain Territory
with only 6 more sleeps to go!


  1. don't worry about sharing the not-so-upbeat stuff! as much as i try to keep my blog all happy too sometimes you just need the feedback from your bloggy friends when life isn't so perfect.

    but it's time for TAPER BRAIN. so i'm sure we'll get some good stories from you here :)

  2. We're all allowed to have our moments - yourself included! Hopefully hubbs won't soon forget another ultra. :)

  3. Hey negative is a fact of life so don't refrain from sharing that as well. Woot for your 50k!

  4. Shelly we love you for YOU. ALl of you. [ + & - ] all of it.

    Guess what it means you are NORMAL, real & honest. ;)

    That's what I did about you. Well that and 419 other things.

  5. I think it's great when bloggers share their downer moments too, it makes them real. We don't live in a perfect world, and nobody lives a perfect life. We all have moments, struggles, and negative thoughts. No harm in that. It's life.

    And yes, I'd be a little miffed if my hubby forgot something so major like that too. Smack him up the head and move on.

  6. Life isn't always rosey, and no one is expected to pretend as though it is.

  7. bummer that he forgot. bummer that you felt you did an overshare. the race however, will not be a bummer!

  8. oh man the age of social makes it so much harder not to over share! D never knows when my races are.. seriously I'd have to tattoo it on his forehead

  9. It's being authentic that draws people in. It's your blog. Your world. Share what you want. Love your pics of your various runs... made me smile!

  10. no worries! share away! we're all here to support one another during the good and bad times anyway =)

  11. I don't think you overshare! It's your reality, and your blog and your life, go ahead, we've all been there!
    Good luck with the tapering!

  12. You don't overshare, honestly! Love reading your blog! ;)

  13. Only positives would just not be right. Oh boy, my family will never get the chance to forget a 50k…:)

  14. Because you are HUMAN, you too are entitled to not so happy posts all the time too :)

    Shelly, give yourself a hug and a break! You are amazing!

  15. You are right, you are human. And what better place to vent than your blog, where you can get some support and sympathy. And I can't think of anyone who deserves an online hug more than you, one of the nicest people I "know."