Daily Chatter

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Three Things Thursday

Day # 171 p.m. run ~ treadmill ~ Movie:  Daybreakers

1.  A few days ago as I was getting my morning coffee at the McD's drive through, the nice lady who waits on me when I am too lazy to make coffee (in which I use Splenda and not sugar) looked at me and said, "Did you hear about Splenda and short term memory loss."
She said it in such a serious-concerned-for-me way I was a bit surprised and didn't really get a chance to respond before she continued briefing me on the reported effect of Splenda on my already failing memory cells.
This explains  A LOT.
1.  I stop for coffee waaay too often.
2.  There are really nice people that I interact with each day.
3.  It is not my fault that I forget things!  It's the Splenda! 

Another baby newt! I love these guys!

2.  Probably because of the aforementioned short term memory loss, I forgot to tell you that I saw Morton the Muskrat!  You remember him, right?  We even had a giveaway to name him back this spring.
Well, with the thick growth along the river and his shy behavior I haven't really seen much of him all summer.
Due to my love all of all things nature, it was great to see he is thriving and storing up for the winter.
It doesn't take much to brighten my day, does it?

Day # 172 ~ a.m. run ~ 3.5

3.  See it doesn't take much to distract my mind for the quickly approaching race.  Okay, it actually takes a lot to get my brain to stop thinking about the race.  Humm, not the actual race but the getting there! 
Again that is my BIG worry.
What if I don't make it to the bus in time?
What if I am late and they leave without me?
I have 33+ mountainious miles to run and I'm worried about simply getting to the start!

I guess that is one way to keep my mind distracted from getting to the finish.


  1. OMG! It's the splenda. I couldn't figure out my forgetfulness.

    Remember - just breathe. You are going to make it to the start and rock your way to the finish!

  2. 1. You will do great this weekend. Believe in the awesome that is you!

    2. When it starts to hurt have the splenda kick in and forget about it. :)

  3. i'm going to start blaming my forgetfulness on the splenda too.

    i'm so excited for you this weekend :)

  4. Interesting comment on the memory loss... I have co-workers who are constantly hounding me about my diet coke habit (one can per day), as they head out for their smoke breaks. ROLLSEYES

  5. Laughing at Marlene's comment!

    As far as this weekend, you're going to do great!! I cannot wait to hear about it!

  6. You have much nicer service at Mickey D's there than we do here. If a McD employee were to do more than grunt at me, I'd be impressed!

  7. i did not know that about splenda....weird!!!

  8. YAY on the mill run!!

    Ahhh crap --- I'm with Aneta....had no idea. I use that stuff . . . . more than I'll even admit.

    You are going to rock that race. SO excited for you.

  9. take a lot of splenda so you'll forget about your fears. haha! just kidding. but really Splenda = memory loss? Well, I take Stevia which i heard was healthier. Says Dr. Oz =)

    Have fun this weekend =)

  10. That's going to be my excuse for everything from now on, it's not my fault. it's the Splenda.

  11. Hey - I still call on the cancer card . . . chemo brain . . . every once in a while! I figure I can use it as long as I like!

  12. I don't have Splenda so what's the reason for my memory loss?

  13. I use Mommy-brain as my excuse.

    Nerves and pre-race jitters are good. It doesn't mean that I like them, but they're good. As long as you don't forgot that you have a race coming up, things will be just fine....

  14. It's nice that the woman at McDonald's cares! I like that kind of community...even if you get advice that you don't necessarily want.

    You're going to rock the race this weekend. I'm confident that you'll get there on time, too.

  15. I love the newt! I'm a nature lover geek freak myself. You will have an awesome race. Enjoy!