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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Highlight of my Weekend

Day # 156 ~ a.m. run ~ fog city

This morning while I was running my little wake-up-make-sure-life-doesn't-get-in-the-way run, I could not stop thinking that the highlight of my weekend was the race.

Should I feel quilty that I selfishly feel that way?

Getting to share another race experince with my Hubbs and kiddos was amazing!
Here is our experince in photos:

Waiting near the front of the pack.

Over 160 runners showed up for our little local event.
20th Anniversary of an event will help boost the numbers!
My first mile was 7:20.  I held pretty steady the entire race (7:32 pace).
I held the lead for the first half of the race but simply didn't have the push for the last two hills (go ahead say it, over trained under rested!).  I allowed just a little too much distance to get between me and the other runner.  I gave it everything on the last strech but did not have enough distance to catch her.
46:46 ~ Second
I'll take that on Day # 153

Hubbs took over 2 minutes off his time in two weeks!

I set a 5 year PR for the distance and course!
Once you've been running for decades it's hard to compare your current running with what you were able to do when you were younger...and childless.

Yes. That is LBM laying on the pavillion floor still in his pjs.

Do you see the donut I was eating!  Yummy!
okay half of it went into the trash because that was just tooo much sugar even for me.

There was a giant cake to celebrate the anniversary of the race.  LBM loved it and helped eat 2 pieces!

Our race director is a wonderful woman.  Who works very hard to put on a smoothly ran event.
This races benefits our local Love INC chapter.

LBM helped us both get our medals. 
Hubbs was very pleased with how he felt on his run and thanked me for signing us up.
I read that as an invitation to find more race for us to do together, wouldn't you?
S'ghetti girl was busy making friends and begging to hit the play ground.

After awards we played on the play ground with the kiddos.  We just had to reward great racing support. 
Thanks to my BIL who watched the kids while we raced!

It was a great morning in a beautiful place doing my very favorite thing with my favorite people!

What did you do with your favorite people over the weekend?


  1. Love it! Love it! Love it! You guys are too cute. Congrats to you both on an excellent race!

  2. no! do not feel selfish! i LOVE that the race was the highlight of your weekend :) congrats to you and hubs :)

  3. This is awesome.

    What a wonderful event!

    Way to go on the speed. AMAZING!

  4. Sounds like it was a great community event and a FAMILY affair! Congrats on your FAST race and second place! Nice!!!

  5. LOVE the last picture! What a great weekend for you!

    What did I do? Cheered on some amazing friends and women as they ran the Portland Marathon! AMAZING!

  6. You're so awesome, girl - so wickedly fast and so in luv with the hubbs :). I think definitely you need to do more races with the hubby, that was certainly an invite!!
    Way go to go to you and your husband ..oh and that's so cute that LBM had two pieces of yummy cake :).

  7. Congrats to you & your hubby!!!

  8. congrats! too cute! I like your top shot pic there =)

  9. How fantastic and wonderful!

    I got to run with my role model, my aunt, for the first time. She's been running my entire life and I've always wanted to be like her.

    I would say running with a loved one is the best way to run. (I wish I could get my hubby to run... :))

  10. It looks like you guys had an amazing time! Way to go on your super speedy run!!

  11. Well done, that's a great time! Awesome pictures. Looks like you had a lot of fun.