Daily Chatter

Friday, October 29, 2010

Where did the time go?

Last night was basketball for S'ghetti girl so LBM and I ran around the playground, chased after balls and shared a few books.  We were having so much fun!
But before we knew it S'ghetti girl was racing out the door and basketball was over.

Where did that time go?

While playing with LBM on the playground chasing after him and making sure he didn't fall off the top of everything he just had to climb on I wondered the same question.

Where did that time go?

How did Army Son go from Squirt to Army Son to soon to be Married Army Son?  With problems and choices and decisions beyond the ones I can catch him if he falls from?

Where did that time go?

Since I had already ran in the morning I didn't do any real miles last night.
I mean the race is a mere 2 sleeps away.

Where'd that time go?

And I haven't talk goals yet.  So here it is:

My I FINISHED goal:  To arrive on time.  To start.  To finish.
The race has a 9 hour cut off.  Which tells me the course may not be a challengening as The Skyline Challenge course was.  If you remember, that was my all time favorite race EVER!  I know that I can finish in 9 hours as long as I don't fall off the side of the mountain, which can happen you know!

My I CAN goal:  Finish within 33 minutes of my last 50k trail ultra.
I say 33 minutes becuase that is the distance of this course in minutes.  I figure I can finish easily within a minute either side of my previous time.  Again barring not falling off the side of the mountain. 

My I LOVE IT goal:  A new distance PR. 
Since trail ultras are not exact distances.  RDs like to say their course is at least 50k, a new PR would be more about average pace than finishing time but with a 50k PR (time) of 6:46 I'd love to crush that on Sunday.

My I DREAM IT goal:  Under 6 hours.
Yeah.  You read that right.  When I dream I don't have little baby dreams.
When I dream I jump in with both feet even on Day # 175
 I dream that I can cover that distance in under 6 hours.
If I don't fall off the side of the mountain.
It can happen.

The only thing more I could pray for is to have that thought that has been with me so much lately stay with me as I run across that finish line and throw my log onto the bonfire!
I pray I see those flames and think;

Where did that time go?


  1. dream BIG. you will rock it :)

  2. Good luck - my little 1/2 marathon is nothing compared to your 50k. I know I don't need to say it . . . .have fun.

  3. I love your goals...keep dreaming big.

    And good luck :)

  4. Good luck Shelly! I know you'll do great!

  5. Love all the goals! Go get 'em out there! Be safe and smile all the way!

  6. Good luck this weekend! Dreams do come true you know, even big ones. ; )

  7. Good luck Shelly girl! You're gonna be awesome...as usual =)

  8. OKAY this is one of my favorite posts.

    Love this.

    Love the goals. Love your attitude.

    "You've got this!"

  9. good luck this weekend!! just remember all those days of streaking and know you have what it takes

  10. Go chase your dreams! And, you'll be so fast that you'll wonder "Where did that time go?"

  11. Good luck, Chica!!!! You are going to do awesome - go get 'em!!!

  12. Go for your goals! Good luck and have fun!