Daily Chatter

Monday, October 4, 2010

No Crying Over Spilled Milk

Saturday ~ Day #145 ~ 6.5

My weekend didn't go exactly as I had planned.
 Hubbs was not to come home and as all wives know, your daily planning is quite different when your playing the role of married-single-parent than when you are including the Hubbs in the mix.
And it is not always easier to have him there as you might think it would be.
As always this is my "world is mostly rosey" place so I don't talk much about the struggle for understanding from my Hubbs in regard to my distance running.  This struggle has become harder since Hubbs has been sidelined himself due to injury and surgery.
So my plan to have a sitter stay with the kids while I went and ran the marathon went by the wayside.
I had not registered for the race so I don't have a DNS on my record AND I did tell Hubbs that I was okay with not running when we talked about it last weekend HOWEVER I didn't realize how much I wanted to see how I could do on a street distance race while streaking
we went to visit an extended family member in the hospital and
we were one block away from the finish line.

Can I be suckered into another house cat??

I guess there is no crying over spilled milk or races not run.
Since I spent $$$ on the extra March Ultra ~ and still haven't told Hubbs yet ~ I am a little glad I didn't register for the race.
Hubbs and I will be racing this weekend!
The local Fall Foliage Classic.
So I stopped my pity party
which really isn't any fun like a party so why do they call it that?
And got on the treadmill late last night for a few miles of stress reduction.

Sunday ~ Day #147 ~ 5 Treadmill miles

I AM actually happier than I look. 


  1. bummer the weekend didn't go as planned. and have a pity party if you want too. i feel like i do that a lot for myself hahah :)

  2. i like ur hair like that. the curls look very nice.

    sorry the weekend didnt go as planned. these things happen.
    and like u said, cant cry over spilled milk.

    happy monday

  3. Sounds like most of my weekends... and boy, your hair sure is curly.

  4. That's just rubbing salt in the wound to have to watch the race while you're missing it. I'm sorry you had to miss it. I played the role of married single parent for a good part of the early years with my kids. Not always easy, but it was what it had to be.

  5. I love your curly hair, so pretty..

    Such a HUGE bummer when things do line up as they should. I trult cant wait to see how you fair in a road Marathon, I bet you will be AMAZING!!


  6. I wish my hair was as curly as yours. seriously! m hair is straight as an arrow!

  7. Sorry you had to miss the race. Wish we lived closer, I'd be happy to share sitter duty. My hubbs works Saturdays and that's when most of the races happen around here.