Daily Chatter

Friday, October 1, 2010

Brrr! It's cold in here

Day # 145 ~ a.m. run
Will I ever figure out the outfit shot?

So I watch some old tweenie movies.  You don't like it well Bring It Onheehee
It's whatever gets you through the miles, right?

This week of running I have been pulling back a bit on the mileage.
46 miles as of this morning.  And only ran ONE double day this week. 

But mileage and running on the treadmill is not the excitement.  Running OUTSIDE this morning was and is again tonight! WooHoo.  It was so great after being stuck inside.

Is it just me or does everyone smell FALL in the air?  Yummy.  And by fall I mean warm food, cornstalks, pumpkins, and falling leaves!  I even wore my capris this morning.

This weekend is the first weekend of our local fall foliage festival.  And maybe a race for me.  Since Hubbs aka party pooper backed out , I am torn about running it.  You'll simply have to check back to see if I do or not.

What is on tap for your fall weekend?
Get out here and enjoy it!

Edited to add:
I went crazy and registered for another Ultra in March.  I already do the Seneca Greenway 50k on March 5th but today I went crazy and registered for the HAT Endurance 50k on March 19th.
Don't tell Hubbs!
Maybe someone wants to join the insanity??


  1. I am loving these cold temps, the fresh air, crunchy leaves! Even the extra darkness is somehow soothing and soo much better for sleep!

    Enjoy your fun fall weekend! We have some runs on deck (of course) and APPLE PICKING! yay!

  2. it's not feeling like fall here at all! hazy hot and humid. boooooo! i think my weekend is going to be sleeeeeeeep. i did have a really fall weekend last weekend with apple picking!

  3. I was in long sleeves for the first time since Spring this morning - I love it!

  4. I am finally feeling the chill in the air the last few nights. Looking forward to my race in Maine this weekend where temps are going to be in the 50s!

  5. No chill around here these days. After alot of rain, it got hot again. I'm sure the cold (wet) days will be here again soon, for now I'm enjoying the heat.

    Have a great weekend. I just got a phone call from a friend and she's going to surprise me with some sort of activity this weekend (biking/hiking/running - who knows). I love being surprised with that stuff.

  6. i love the fall time too. love the colours and the leaves and eating soup and wearing scarves! hehe

    have a great weekend!

  7. I say you're on for this weekend! I have several friends who have run HAT before and always hear good things. I may consider it, although I am also considering Boston and not sure I could manage both (recovery takes me forever). But will keep you posted!

  8. Oh ya - Fall is here. I have been wearing gloves on my morning run / at least for the first mile or so. Our morning temps have been in the 40's and low 50's. This weekend we are supposed to get frost . . . we will see.
    I have been buying apples like crazy for the last couple of weeks and purchased my first apple cider of the season. Tonight just might call for a little warm apple cider with a touch of spiced rum. Oh yeah!

  9. I don't smell fall in the air yet but I am seriously looking forward to wearing capri's. After Boston I may consider running a 50K and would take you up on your offer.

  10. Maybe if I win the lottery, I'll use one of your 50K's as a training run for my 50-miler ;). Happy weekend girl!! xo

  11. envious @ your weather!!!!

    have a wonderful weekend =)

  12. Sunny but chilly here today. Love it!! I was in the attic today digging out long sleeves and jackets.

    We had 4-H kickoff this evening complete with hayrides and bonfire. Fall is officially here!

    Two ultras in one month? You are awesome!

  13. I love when it starts getting cold.
    good luck with the ultras