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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Thought Full Thursday ~ What's on the inside?

Like many of you, we have had a few storms lately.
The previous storm toppled a huge tree where I work.
It was a big surprise!
That tree was full of thick branches loaded with green leaves.
It's outward appearance gave no indication of what it was hiding within.

People are sometime like that too.
We put on a veneer of maybe what we think we are, or what we'd like to be and we present that as who we are.
My children in their often brutal honesty remind me that I am no stranger to attempting to portray what I want to be more than what I am.

Me to a friend in a lengthy conversation about kids and standards:  "Oh, people who lie just drive me crazy!  Why is it so hard for people to allow others to see them make a mistake or something.  Why lie about it?  I just tell the truth and if they don't like it...  Why can't we just be honest with eachother...."
S'ghetti girl:  "Mom.  Why did you say you don't lie?"
Me:  "What do you mean?"
S'ghetti girl:  "When you were talking with (friend)?
Me:  "Well, I don't think it was your conversation but I didn't say I don't lie.  I probably said I try not to lie."
S'ghetti girl:  "Nope.  You said you don't.  And you do."
Me:  "How do I lie?"
S'ghetti girl:  "Like when you tell (LBM) that the remote disappeared because you don't want him to have it. Or when you..."
Me:  "Ok.  Ok.  You're right.  But I meant to tell (friend) that I TRY not to lie."

Day# 144

That conversation just got me thinking about what else I might think I say or do and fall short or misrepresent.  Here in bloggy world you have only my words to come to know me.
Of course we all attempt to relay the best possible version of ourselves.

I wonder sometimes, how much we'd all like each other if for one day we were all as honest as children?
Do your children ever help you notice short comings in your own personal journey?
Tell me about it.

Proverbs 12:17A truthful witness gives honest testimony, but a false witness tells lies. 


  1. I believe that the qualities we don't like in others are often the things we need to work on in ourselves! We are all "mirrors" for one another....And, the children thing, that would just take up too much room!!

  2. I always thought of my daughter as a "better version of me". She helps me realize a lot about myself on a daily basis -- the good and the bad.

  3. Honesty is always the best policy - usually easier said than done, but it always makes you feel better. Love that S'getti girl!

    And you're right - you only get a tad of a person here in blog world. I think it goes with the saying, "you never know what happens behind closed doors." I think attempting at being truthful is better than anything. Having high standards for yourself doesn't hurt either.
    Have a great Thursday!

  4. I linked you on my blog today, along with a picture of my cute headband. Let me know when you find fun yellow and I'll keep my eyes open too!
    As far as my monkeys and lying...while I do believe honesty is the best policy, the things I cherish most is the unedited truthfullness from my kids. How they speak their minds. While they can't do it forever, (if they were 13 and asked me if there was another baby in my belly cuz it jiggles, I might flip out!) it keeps them young and precious and fragile in my eyes.

  5. Sorry...don't have kids (yet). And my dog and cats...well, they don't really care whether I lie to them or not. ;)

  6. I think we could all be better versions of ourselves but I like to believe we all try hard to be the best we can. I think individually we have to allow ourselves to not be perfect, and if kids see it, that's okay too.

    I agree that in blog word you only get one version, which is why I try to write from my heart and be honest- cue the full disclosure post- I try to put out enough for people to know me, without overdoing it. In "real life" I am known to be honest to a point of annoying...but I believe in it and I believe in who I am at heart. In the end, I think that is all that matters.

  7. GREAT Topic... I have been blasted in the face by a lie just recently and it really shook me. Why do people feel the need to outwardly lie when you know for a fact that it is not true..

    I weigh 192 pounds, I have no patience and I eat CRAP on a daily basis. why lie about it??