Daily Chatter

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Advice heard and taken

Day # 118 ~ 8.36 miles

Advice heard and taken.
In a post this weekend when I finally made my racing dreams actual plans, I asked for your input.  
Thanks for all the supportive "Yes you can do it" type comments.
I did receive a piece of experienced advice.  Experienced in that fact that the advice was from a lady who has been running a long time.
I will listen to advice from anyone who believes they have some information that will help me.  However, I usually reserve taking that advice and using it to situations where the advice givers have more (or similar) experience than myself or more education.  
Sometimes I take the advice because I KNOW that I just needed others to tell me what I already knew I should be doing. 
Why do we need that sometimes?

Day # 119 ~ 10.60 miles
 Cynthia O'H said that with the 50k coming up I might need to get in some longer consecutive runs.  Even though I have already done this distance twice, I think maybe that might be a good piece of advice.  So this weekend while I had some sitter support aka Hubbs, I hit the road and trails for some longer run.  
I have to tell you that I just love the distance.  There is something great about running for a long time.

Day # 120 ~ back in PA ~ 6.5 miles after driving 180
Is it just me? 
or do you feel it too?  
After you get past that warming up first mile and the finding your pace and stride miles you enter into that this-is-something-I could-do-all-day zone!

I found it this weekend after 8 miles.

Where did you find it? 


  1. It usually takes me about 5 miles to get into that zone. :) Although, I did not find that zone on last weekend's long run (GI trouble)...I hope on finding it again on this weekend's long run! :)

  2. when going on a longer run (more than 6 miles) i find that I run easier at around mile 7 or so. it takes me a while to get itno the zone and relax and enjoy.
    good job on the long run, shelly!

  3. i totally love the distance too. i tend to find my "happy place" around the 2 mile marker. and then i get to stay there forever hahah :)

  4. It depends on the day and the run. Sometimes I find that place early on and sometimes I never find it!

  5. I usually find it at 5-8. :(
    I dream of finding it at 1/2. ;)

  6. That is the best feeling when everything clicks into place and you find yourself "in the zone".

    I'm catching up here... time to scroll down and see the announcement that I missed on the weekend!!

  7. You are awesome! I hope you have a great week :)

  8. No, I do not think I could run all day. That's why I'm thinking 13.1 is the farthest I'll go. I just can't stay interested that long.

  9. So sorry! Just getting caught up again in Blog world!

    I think getting through the first few miles is the hardest - especially when you know you have another 15 or 18 in front of you! But you're right, when you find your groove it's on!

    I'm excited for all your races! I think you are smart and know your running capablities so you will do great! Nice job on keeping the streak alive!
    Have a wonderful week!

  10. I always think the first few miles of long runs are the trickiest - trying to get the mind to accept the physical challenge ahead but once it does, then the legs just fall into place and do their thing. You have some great races coming up - so excited for you!!

  11. Today I found it at 3.5 miles. Glad you had a great weekend and got some good advice!!

  12. The streak continues... I ran a race this weekend with Jill and I was in the ZONE, the pace was comfortable and the friendly chatter was great.

    I TRY not to give out unsolicited advice..

  13. I hit the zone somewhere around mile 6 or 7 and then feel like I could run forever . . . or until mile 10ish. ;-) that is it for me.

    You will do great!

  14. Gee, I really don't know what to write. I'm feeling...experienced. Thanks!
    Glad you got a longer run in. You'll find that the mileage will build quickly and you'll stay in your comfort zone.
    It's like eating smarties; you can eat them one at a time, a few at a time or all at once. It depends on the mood that you're in and what you're really looking for.

  15. My zone happens around mile 3-4 but honestly, I never feel like I could do it all day!