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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wondering on Wednesday

My life continues it's daily routine.  The damage from my fall is steadily healing.
The kids are up to their normal antics.
Hubbs and I are preparing for our 20k Relay on Saturday.
Life is good...but...
Day # 136 ~ 3.5 / 27:25
opps actually this is a shot from last night's 6.5 ~ 56 flat

This is from this morning's run ~ Juvenile Red spotted newt

...I may have some of you believing that I am only about running but I am in fact a person with slightly deeper thoughts (occasionally).

I saw this article:
and it got me wondering.

It is about an impending execution.  Yeah.  Got your attention on that one.
It will be the first time since 1912 that the state of Virginia has executed a woman. 
I am wondering.
What you do think about this?
Whether you live in Virginia or not.  Whether you think it matters that it is a woman or not.  Whether you think you can change anything or not. 
Simply because we are all people with opinions beyond our running/fitness interests,
How do you feel about this issue?


  1. To be honest, I am not sure how I feel about Capital Punishment. It's not something I think of often. Having read the story, the whole thing is so sad and sickening. You have to wonder where people went wrong...

    On another note, have you seen The Life of David Gale? Excellent movie.

  2. interesting article. i definitely have thoughts on the issue but moreso from a moral standpoint. i won't even try to fathom feeling what those involve feel and i'd image that my views could change in either direction in i was emotionally involved.

  3. oh and i agree with marlene re: the life of david gale. excellent movie!

  4. Wow, way to introduce controversy!

    Personally, I think captial punishment is an invalid form of justice, whether it's a woman or a man being executed. Most of the arguments for capital punishment are logically flawed: It has never been proven to deter crime, it is actually more expensive than incarceration and rehabilitation, and it is a violation of the 8th ammendment (which prohibits cruel and unusual punishment).

    I also object to capital punishment on moral grounds, of which I believe there are many.

  5. Interesting article; we don't have the death penalty in Dutch Law. Fortunately! Being a lawyer myself I feel that there are both moral and non-moral grounds to object to this form of capital punishment. Worst thing about the death penalty in my opinion; there is no undoing it. And, since our system of justice isn't flawless...well, you get the point. I really don't know whether or not I could practice law the way I do now, if I would have to do this in a country that still uses execution as a form of justice.

  6. I love the newt.

    Yes, I am avoiding your "deeper" conversation. ;)

  7. I'm going to avoid the "deeper" conversation with Emz, too. But I do love that cute little newt. We don't have those in Colorado :(.