Daily Chatter

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Honesty of Children

During our long holiday weekend our family went hiking.  As we sometimes do we attempted to squeeze a little too much into a little to little time.  Which had us on the trail a bit later in the day than I had hoped.  I didn't want to get caught on the trails after sunset with the kids so I encouraged everyone to push a bit on the return trip. 
I must say they all did great!  It was a challenging trail for younger legs.
The following day I didn't get up early to get my miles in before we had to leave for PA.  As the day went on and the traffic and time in the car grew longer I wondered if I would be able to make myself put any miles in the books.
As I was grumbling about not really wanting to head out for a run, S'ghetti girl reminded me of my own words.
"Push yourself mom!", she said.
"Just like you pushed me on the trail.  Push yourself to do it.  You know you'll be happy you did."

You know what?
She was right.

Day # 121 ~ p.m. run 6.5 / a.m. 3.5


  1. wise words from wise kids!

  2. such a wise kid. guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree :)

  3. What a smart little cookie! GLad you were able to get out there and still smiling too!

  4. what a great kid! I've been a silent reader for a few months now, but I did give you a blog award on my site. I'm new to blogging, but have found a lot of inspiration reading your words daily. Keep it up!

  5. Man, you have a lot of trees! Along with smart kiddos :).

  6. What a wise young lady - wonder where she gets her wisdom from ?

  7. what a wise young lady! She must get it from her mother ;)

  8. It is indeed a great moment in every parent's life when your child offers you advice, and you really want to take it!