Daily Chatter

Friday, September 24, 2010

Something we all take for granted

....Fresh air.

The only time we notice air is when its not so fresh.
Or causing us to have a little extra resistance in our daily run.

But it really isn't about Fresh Air; it's about a fresh perspective.
And fresh view on how life can be for some children who otherwise wouldn't know the experience of getting out of their urban surroundings and being part of nature, making friends and see the world in a fresh new way.

I'm sure many of you can remember when you took those first steps to your fresh start.
Those first few times you stepped out into the fresh air to change your life and begin your fresh start to a healthier lifestyle.

How better to help others than by running.

How can you help?

By running with the Fresh Air Fund Racers 
at the ING NYC Marathon this November 7th.
Yes that is the ING NYC sold out Marathon!
You can still get in by running with the Fresh Air Fund Racers!

Already signed up for the ING NYC Marathon?  You can still join to run with Fresh Air Fund Racers by following the link.  FAF Runners commit to raising $2500 for the Fresh Air Fund.

What could be better? 
A great city.  A great run.  A giving heart.

You'll simply never step outside again without thinking about that Fresh Air!


  1. The Fresh Air Fund is such a great charity! And OHH how I would love to run NYC... some time I will!

  2. Fresh air - yum! I always notice it when I go from urban to rural, from house to rainy days, from uptown to the lake (well, ours is kind of stinky but it's a fresh stink).

    Are you running NYC?

  3. Love Fresh Air! At the Swiss Alpine Marathon (in the Swiss Alps; hello fresh air) I noticed within minutes that 'living in a city air' is just something that's become 'normal' to me in the last couple of years. And that's a bad thing!

    I doubt if the air in NYC is very fresh, though. ;) I lived there for a while a couple of years ago and it didn't seem too fresh back then. ;)