Daily Chatter

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm not in his clique

Right now as I sit here at work, I am feeling my hip. 

Okay.  I am not actually rubbing my hands all over my hip. 
That would be weird.
But I am noticing my hip.

Usually my hip is just there doing it's own hip thing.
We don't talk much.
I guess I'm just not in my hip's social clique.
But today hip seems to be saying something.
Quietly but saying something.

I know my form has been off since I took my big fall.
I really tweaked my leg from my ankle to my knee and I bounced around on my right hip.
But my hip was just bruised.

I am thinking about taking my evening run off.
Okay there I said it.

I have already run my morning miles so I am good for the day.
My mileage is good as long as I stick to my miles the rest of the week and even if I have a lighter week now I'd be okay with that since I have a great base and a month until the Ultra.
Gee am I trying to convince you or me?

Hummm.  I better go.  That's hip talking again.
I'm going to send hip some drugs and see if that shuts him up.
And maybe an evening's rest.


  1. What's wrong with sitting at work, rubbing your hip? Hmm, I do that often. hehehe

    Sorry to hear that it seems to be upset... give it the rest! Listen to the voice in your head! (NOT the one telling you to run..)

    Hope it feels better.

  2. I can't believe you're still going! So many miles! If you end up taking a break and letting your body heal, i can't say I blame you. Let us know what you decide! :)

  3. no matter what you decide i hope it works out and your hip feels better! sending mucho positive vibes your way. and you better be rubbing your hip if it makes it feel better ;)

  4. Well dear, you need to rest. This is your body's way of saying you need a break. I know your running streak is freaking awesome and inspiring but you need to listen to the experts that say you need to rest 2 days a week. It's super hard on your body.

  5. Be careful with that hip! Honestly, if you won't rest it, it might get worse. I now what I'm talking about (The Hip injury after the Swiss Alpine Marathon). I know you don't WANT to rest, though. ;)

  6. Sorry to hear about the fall! There's much to be said for rest sometimes.

  7. I think a break would be a good decsion. Better a night off now, then a week off later!

    BTW--I love the writing style of this post