Daily Chatter

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Time ~ It's all about perspective


It truly is an odd thing, time. 
When I was 10 it didn't exist. 
When I was 20 I had more than I could fill, although I tried. 
When I was 30 I thought I had time all neatly planned and accounted for. 
Yesterday I was left wondering where it went.
How can LBM be two?
How can my wonderful niece the famous Biking Sherpa be so grown up?
Why does it seem like the 24 hours I am given each day grows shorter and shorter?
My mom pointed out that this birthday kiss is between her oldest and her youngest grandchild.
I just see it as a demonstration that time means nothing in the face of love.

Biking sherpa joined LBM and I on our evening run.  It was an amazing 6.5 miles.  We talked.  Not just fill the space between her bike and my legs talked but actually talked.  I wish the miles had be more simply to allow us to continue our conversations. 
Last night we were pushing to break our recent PR for this loop with the jogging stroller,
we want a better time.
Which we might know if we had if I had been reminded to restart my watch.

I had to share this. 
If you only knew how many times
I tried to get a after run photo!

At 2 years old time must simply not matter. 
Bath time.  Nap time.  Play time.  Supper time.  Bed time.  Snack time. 
But they really don't mean anything yet.
Because snack time definately does not come before supper time!
...but it sometimes does on your 2nd birthday.

For LBM snack time is any time.

What will you do to better use your time?


  1. I absolutely love this post! You really have a point here! Tonight one of my dear friends is biking with me on my run, and - with your post in mind - I will try to get a real Talk in (and not just the 'oh, that guy is cute. Wanne go for cocktails after' kind of talk). Thanks for sharing!

  2. That last picture is just complete cuteness!

  3. the little guy is sooo adorable!! i just wanna squeeze his cheeks.

    happy birthday to him!

  4. omg i totally just smiled over that last picture! way too adorable!

    and another great post. time is such a tricky thing!

  5. i love when i can talk my mom in to a walk, we have such great conversations!

  6. That pic of LBM and Sherpa is PRICELESS; definitely one for the memory books!

    Snack time before dinner... love it! Only on a Birthday of course. ;)

    I'm not sure how I could better use my time. My FAVORITE time is down time with hubs. And running time of course.

  7. Happy 2nd b-day to LBM!

    Time certainly goes a lot faster with little ones. It's not going fast to them, but it is for us!

  8. You son eats butter as a snack??? HAHAHA, just kidding. I have so many butter containers that I reuse. My family never knows which one actually has butter in it. They are wonderful reuseable containers.

    I didn't realize that Biking Sherpa was your niece. She's a beautiful girl. Must be so nice to be so close with her.

  9. Adorable. This reminds me of 100 Years, one of my favorite songs (Five for Fighting).
    Love the pictures.