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Monday, September 13, 2010

Taking Notice

Arigiope Aurantia ~ Garden spider

I love fall.  The cooler temperatures.  The foggy mornings. 
The increased chance of seeing critters of all kinds along my journey.
You don't have to be a very faithful follower to have picked up on the fact that I love all things nature.
I love trees.  I love creeks.  I love rocks.  I love wildlife.
That includes spiders.

Day 127 ~ a.m. run 3.5 miles / 28:08

I have been watching for them for a few weeks but it wasn't until this morning that their webs were filled with dew and I could more easily spot them.
The lovely garden spider.
She (and her many many friends) have been here all summer long however they we just too small for me to really see them until now. 
I just love how running provides me with the opportunity and perspective to see my little piece of the world in a different way.  Running give me the chance to see just how closely I share my world with so many other living things. 
There were about 20 spiders just along the road in front of my house. 
They all eat the many bugs that are so abundant this time of year.
So I will tread lightly as I run this fall.
And I'll say a few thank yous along the way.

Tread lightly please.

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  1. I do love nature... but not so much bugs/spiders.

    This cooler weather is awesome, though. So nice to walk out the door into some fresh, crisp air!

  2. nature is pretty cool!

  3. I love fall! And I love spider webs in the morning dew.

    Spiders themselves? Not so much...

  4. nature is way awesome. but only when it's outside. if spiders and/or bugs are in my house then they need to watch themselves ;)

  5. That photo is amazing!!

    I have no idea what "fall" means. In az is summer & winter. What are the other two seasons again!? ;)

  6. I love fall! :) And spiders are actually handy little fellas; I don't really like flies and the spiders take of that problem for me. ;)

  7. AUCK!!!! I'd go screaming if I saw that spider. They just totally creep me out. But I love fake ones at Halloween :).

  8. I didn't get my goodie package - maybe in the mail today :).

  9. Thought of you last night as I had a BUSY day, but really wanted to get in a 10-miler! Did it. I always think of you when I even question heading out the door. Hated to leave family evening time, but hubbs was good and boys were excited to hang out with him, so off I went! Funny what a time crunch can do to your pace! Good times! New scenery because I ran as the sun was setting....beautiful on the Blues!

  10. You are so right - I love to notice all of nature when I'm out running - you'd be surprised at all the creatures I see on my concrete runs ;)
    Nice work on the streak still! You are amazing!

  11. Love your new blog header!! great post too!!you look great!!!

  12. I love the things I notice on the run. It amazes me how the same route can look completely different from one day to the next!

  13. I posted a similar post - look around and notice everything around you while you run. It can be a wonderful and magicaly experience.

  14. Last year hubs and I were running on a dewey morning, I soooo wished I brought my camera, the webs were amazing, I loved it!! Glad you had your camera. Thank you for the link love buddy!!

  15. Oh man...spiders give me the heebie jeebies!! But I do love creeks! =)

  16. AAAhhhh... so pretty. One morning I went out and saw the dewy spiderwebs...it was amazingly beautiful!