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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Feel like a Ninja Warrior

S'ghetti girl doing her lunges.  She said she felt like a Ninja warrior.
LBM did pushups on the road.  I kid not.  Photos to prove it.  Oy vey

You remember my Legs Love Lunges Post  thanks to the lovely Amanda at 5 Miles Past Empty, right?
That was the brain storm from one very nice west coastie soon-to-be east coastie runner who loves to stick out her tongue in photos.  I can't wait to get her on my side of the country!

She challenged us to do lunges for 30 days at least 3 times a week.  Well, you know I love me a good challenge so I did those lunges!  At first my legs screamed!  Hello back of my thighs.  Not in shape much?
But after about the first three days they seemed to get used to it.

I must admit that I never got past 20 lunges per leg.  Lazy much?  Yes I am.  But I did lunges after my runs 3 - 5 times a week. 
Here are the photos:



You may not see a big difference but my muscles do feel firmer and the back of my legs does seem a bit smoother.  This is a habit I will be keeping up!

On the running front, it's Day # 129 and the third of four 10 mile days.  I am looking forward to the weekend and having some sitter support to get in some runs without the jogger.  I enjoy having LBM with me, we share some interesting conversations along the way.  I know the neighbors are staring!
BUT a girl needs to put in some solo trail miles in order to race on trails and have any idea of an expected pace on race day. 
I only need to know what paces I will be hitting to allow my family to be able to be at the finish line to cheer me in.  I am still not at a place where I am trying to be competitive in a ultra distance and probably never will be.  So for the upcoming races I will be 1) Running a relay with Hubbs ~ his pace 2) Pacing Hubbs in the half or using the Marathon as training run for the Ultra 3) Racing local 10k ~ Hubbs running 5k? 4) Running the Ultra ~ hopes to improve my distance PR.
If I can make all that happen along with day-to-day life is yet to be seen but one thing I know for sure is my legs will look good trying and maybe I'll feel like a Ninja Warrior too thanks to Amanda and her Legs Love Lunges Challenge!
Thanks Amanda!

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. i never do more than 15 per leg. i tell myself that any more is "bad" for my running hahah. laziness much? heck yes ;)

  2. Feeling firmer is way better than any visual results to me. If I feel better - that makes me happy. YAY for you!!



  3. Woohoo, wa to go sticking with the Lunge Love challenge. Those legs are getting stronger!

    10 miles 4 days in a row... WOW. Hope those strong legs are holding up!

  4. That's a good challenge. I know I could use a few more lunges in my life. I get inspired to do them, then they kill me and I get so sore that it's too long until I do them again. Perhaps a little less, more often would be a smarter approach, huh?? :)

    You - lazy, right??? I don't think so.

  5. I have definitely been loving the lunges too. I will also be sticking with them. I also love me some ninja warrior too!

  6. Isn't it amazing how one can run so much yet lunges are a whole different animal? Great job!

  7. Nice job on the lunges, girl! When I go to my Athletic Training class, I'm always shocked how much my legs hurt, which is obvious I don't use the same muscles running.

    The envelope came in the mail today - yay!!! Thank you SOOO much for that adorable headband as a bonus. You are VERY talented. I wore it last night when I went to wash my face and it kept my hair outta my eyes...then I proceeded to use it when I did my core work. Thank you! I will get online this weekend and order my ID band - but rest assured, whatever I get will be PINK!! :)