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Friday, September 3, 2010

Encouragement for a friend

Yesterday I talked about perspective.

The free dictionary.com defines perspective as:
per·spec·tive (p r-sp k t v). n. 1. a. A view or vista. b. A mental view or outlook

I was reminded of the latter definition during my evening run.
 It is hard to have perspective when your too close to a situation, unwilling to change the way you look at things or have already drawn a conclusion.

Look at this picture.  It is a picture of a hill. 
Doesn't look too steep.
That's Biking Sherpa at the top of the hill.
Biking Sherpa you can do anything!

What about this perspective?
Not the best picture

Sometimes we see things as insurmountable.
We see them as a challenge just too heavy for our backs to bear.
When in reality all we need to do is to change the way we look at things,
our perspective and what once was unachieveable become believeable.

Day # 117 ~ 3.5 morning run

MissZippy is hosting a Sugio tights giveaway!!!
This is my dream giveaway.  I have been wanting these f.o.r.e.v.e.r!
I am too cheap to buy them PLUS I just talked Hubbs into 4 races
okay only 2 does he really know about but
that's a bit of money for registration fees, potential hotel stays, gas and meals...
So you can see I really need to win this.
But you can enter it too.  I guess. :-)


  1. Love it how you still look so fresh after your morning run. :) And sorry, I did enter that giveaway... Since I never win anything...you're safe on this one. ;)

  2. very true about perspective. i've often found that the older i am the more of it i have. guess that's a good thing about getting old?! haha

    i'm going to enter that giveaway too. sorry!!

  3. races sure do add up...maybe that's why i don't do them :)

  4. Lovely pics! Sending you good luck vibes from my contest--thanks for posting about it.

  5. A different perspective certainly can change everything!

    You can have the tights; I have very little use for them in FL.

  6. I've been adjusting my perspective alot lately. I trust your hubbby does not read your blog?

  7. love your header pic! very cool!

  8. Shelly, you've always got some inspiration! I'm about to tackle my last long run before my half marathon in Costa Rica next week, and it was perfect timing to read this post. Thank you!