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Saturday, July 31, 2010


Reasons why this breakfast is okay.
1.  I have ran for 83 days with a day off.
2.  My littlest had me up every night, I need the sugar.
3.  I am having french doors installed off my kitchen today.  Stress. Mess.  I need comfort food.
4.  It's the last day of the fair.  Fair food doesn't count.
5.  I have run over 200 miles this month.
6.  I already ran this morning while my family slept.
7.  It's just so yummy.  Indulgence is good.  Every once in a while.

What will you indulge in this weekend?

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Friday, July 30, 2010

Did you notice...

Did you notice in a recent post HERE there was something different.  Something unusual.

No.  It isn't the I had a double day. 
Although I've cut back on them they are still a normal part of my running.

No.  It's not the new shirt. 
That's my awesome I-really-didn't-want-to-sweat-in-it Skyline Challenge tech tee. 

No.  It's not the fact that I ran 4 miles instead of 3.5. 
I know, you just thought I was stuck on that distance in the mornings, huh?

It's the fact that my Hubbs ran with me!
Although he changed his shirt at the last minute, I swear he just wanted to clash! it was his idea to run.
He had a PT test this week and needed to get a run completed to see where his time would be.
How lucky am I?!  It was great to see him out there running without pain and keeping his usual fasty-fast pace I might add.

He did great on his PT test and put some of those younger non-knee surgery men to shame. 
Congrats to my Major!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Simple Small Town Life

Yesterday was a wonderfully long day.
It started early with my usual 3.5 mile (28:16) wake up run before work.
Which was day 80 and I can see it in my pace but the day's run was done and we had plans for the evening so no double for me.
We were going to the...

A county fair is pretty after dark...you can't see all the dirt!

Promises to myself to be home at a reasonable hour went out the window as S'ghetti girl found friends to run around and ride with.  Which was really fine with me since I am at the fair the majority of evenings volunteering with the senior arts department.  In fact, one of my photos won best of show!

A small section of the arts entries.

S'ghetti girl got on stage with the magician.  She somewhat stalks him every year.  It is one of her favorite things to do.  Watch the magic show, not stalk.  In fact she has been working on her own act.

S'ghetti girl as the magician's helper

The kids road lots of rides and enjoyed having their friends to share the fun with. 
I got dust covered and sticky but enjoyed seeing them having so much fun.

S'ghetti has riden this exact horse every single year!  She calls it "her's."

We ate too much "bad" food but were on our feet for hours so I am hoping we worked some of it off.  If you have a local or county fair I encourage you to go and enjoy.  It's even better if it helps to support a local 4-H group.  Maybe consider entering something; most agricultural fairs have departments for baked goods, produce, wine, arts and crafts, sewing and photography. 

LBM making his bike go Vrooooooooom!

Even with the late night I was still up (all be it slowly) this morning for a squeezed in 3.5 miles (28:59). 
I have made it to day 81 with no injuries but even with dropping a few double days, I can feel the effects of running without a break.  It is such an ingrained habit now, I wonder about my ability to not get up in the morning for the first run. 
Day 81 3.5 miles / 28:59

I have a big cup of coffee waiting for me and a very full desk of work. 
Between that and the cotton candy I am sure I'll make it through my day.
And then it's back to the fair.

Do you have a county fair?
Do you attend?  Volunteer? 
Do you enter anything? 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

like sands through the hour glass....

Sometimes my life feels a little bit like a soap opera.
The same things happen over and over. 
The only difference is what I am wearing.

At least in my soap opera life I only run.  I mean no one dies
(of course they would be miraculously brought back to life by my little known medical training at the last moment), I don't have an evil twin and I didn't become pregnant by my sister's husband's half cousin while evading the law since I was on run for robbing a bank to finance the experimental surgery one of my children needed to save their lives.

Gee all that running gives me waaaaaaaaay too much time to think stuff up.

Friday pm run ~ 6.5

Saturday am run ~ 3.5

Sunday am run ~ 3.5

Sunday pm run ~ 4

Monday am run ~ 3.5

Tuesday am run ~ 3.5

Tuesday pm run ~ 6.5

Friday, July 23, 2010

The Friday Five

Welcome to the Friday Five.
A post where I attempt to tell a story based on five photos
which may or may not actually go together.

Run #102 ~ Thursday p.m.

There once was a girl just like you
who everyday would lace up her shoes

and off she would trod, on road or on sod
through an occasional corn field or two.

While running one day
she found this in her way
and instantly knew what to do

she'd dig out the rocks 
so she could go running in socks
just like the barefooters do!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

100 Runs ~ The Words

100th run - 07.21.10

My 100th run did not hold the celebration that I might have hoped it would.  Biking Sherpa wasn't able to be part of it, no shirts were printed to commemorate the event, no one was waiting at the end to hand me another medal.  I simply laced up my shoes, got LBM in the jogger and headed down a familiar road, much like the first run 73 days ago.

In a way I prefer it that.  My running has for the most part been just that, My running.  I have not enjoyed the comradery of fellow runners sharing a common interest.  I have passed countless miles on foot simply to enjoy being out in nature, seeing what was around the next corner or over the next hill, pushing my body to do things that were challenging and uncomfortable simply to see if I could. 

So I didn't need a big production, although your many well wishes did add to my accomplishment and I thank you all for them.  I want nothing more than to enjoy the sport of running and to show those who don't have as many miles on their feet that there are many ways to go about running.  It doesn't always require a training plan.  Running doesn't have to be for any goal or race. 
Running can simply be for the sheer joy of running.

I won't ever be an Olypmic runner.  I may never see the trail without other's footprints.  I may have already had my fastest mile.  For me that is all okay.  Because I know that I will continue to have a relationship with running for many years to come.  Like a faithful friend it's there for me, every day if I want it, ready to listen to my joys and sorrows; ready to challenge me and encourage me; ready to give me far more than it ever takes. 

So this morning day 74, I still heard that morning air calling to me.  I heard the road welcoming me back and I put on my shoes and....

I ran.

Run # 101 ~ 3.5 / 28:24

100 Runs ~ The Stats

100th Run ~ 6.5 miles / 54:57
Smiling, but a little sad.

73 days
100 runs
546.8 miles
4 Runs of 2 miles
1 Run of 3.2 miles
42 Runs of 3.5 miles
40 Runs of 6.5 miles
13 Runs of 7 - 33 miles
1 ~ 18k Urban Trail ~ Xterra
1 ~ 5k Cross Country ~ first female
1 ~ 50k Trail ~ 3rd Master/7th Female
Average Workout Time per Day ~ 1:17:28
Average Miles per Day ~ 7.5 miles
Average Time per Week ~ 8:54:18
Average Miles per Week ~ 52.8
Total Run Time ~ 92:52:04
Not so Fast Run ~ 12:51
Fastest Run ~ 6:55

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

...98, 99

Run # 98 (6.5 / 52:07) Tuesday p.m.

How the morning dawned

Run # 99 (3.5 / 27:08) Wednesday a.m.

Wow.  That's it.  My next run will be 100. 
I think back to that day after Mother's Day when this all started and I wonder how it spiraled into 73 days later.  I look forward and wonder if there are 27 more days in me. 
With a racing ban in effect for awhile (a la Hubbs) I need goals to challenge me.  Although the truth is I would be out there running (mostly twice a day) with or without a goal or race in mind.

I just love to run.

So for now I am content to see where this takes me without any firm desire either way.
I have some races to check into and maybe secretly register for.  You know they do fill up!  And until race day, Hubbs may have come back around and see the excitement and pride in supporting me. 

Next up, the 100th run.

Big Lessons, Small Fairy

After work Monday LBM and I hit the road.  Usually LBM naps a bit while I run, last night however he was a live wire.  He chatted his way along our usual 6.5 mile loop.  He threw goldfish to the cows that we passed along the way, threathened all manner of wildlife with his no-longer-glowing glo stick, say dozens of songs as a medley, discharged three packages of gummies in an attempt to ensure the local insect population is thriving, and added half a cup of juice to the ground so the insect would have something to wash it all down with.
He is so ecologically aware!

Run # 96 (6.5 miles / 53:02)

After our run s'ghetti girl joined us for a walk to cool down.  She had been suprised by the tooth fairy.  It seems that TF came while I was running (she's sneaky) and left a little stuffed animal in exchange for s'ghetti's tooth.  TF doesn't come during the day, you say?  Well she can't fly in the rain so she had no choice but to attempt such a risky delivery during the day. 
I know at s'ghetti girl's age it is a wanting that keeps her "believing" in someone beyond what she can see.  In this case the TF.  It is hard to let those things go.  They serve such a good purpose when teaching children to believe in the absence of "proof."  It's the beginning of faith.  Believing without seeing.  It's the beginning of knowing that somethings are possible even when others think they are not.
Big lessons from such a small fairy. 

After the TF suprise!

This morning dawned with fog.  Oh how I LOVE fog!
I wish I had more time in the morning to go farther.  There is little as sweet as an early morning fog run.

A beautiful foggy morning

But I only had time for my out and back of 3.5 miles followed by a walk and stretching.
Three more runs and then I'm done....

Run # 97 (3.5 / 28:08)

...or am I?

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I spy with my little eye...

....something that is GREEN.

Tonia @ Racing with babes had a great idea to show everyone what we see while we are putting in all these miles.  So although Sunday's run was less than photo worthy, Saturday I did manage a decent run of 6 miles.

Here is what I saw:

A little late on this one.  I started at my front but forgot the pic until I hit the road.

See there is NO shoulder on roads in VA and encroaching vegation everywhere.
Pretty to look at but not running with a jogging stroller friendly!

This is much closer to my speed!  This gets me off the lined road.  LBM seems to enjoy the bouncy ride.

A long tar-and-chip side road

 Coming back out the tar-and-chip long side road - boring

There is a trail ahead to the left (just before that utility pole) that I take
It is beautiful in the trees!

Back on our "drive."

This was run # 94 (Saturday)
It was really hot.  I forget what a difference there is between PA and VA!

That's what I see when I run in VA.
Lots and lots of GREEN.

What do you see?

Monday, July 19, 2010

Why do we do it?

This was a travel day.  That would mean less time for family fun so I opted to sleep in a little, indulge in a family breakfast and join in the fun instead of sneaking away for rack up bigger miles.

Sleeping in.
Always a good idea in theory but rarely a good idea in practice.
I never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (yeah, okay I am in third grade.  It's my blog.)
think sleeping in was a good thing once I get up. 
I always regret it.
It puts me behind in every thing else I am planning on accomplishing that day.
Why do we do it?
Come on now, you all do it, too!
I bet you all regret it most of the time, too.

LBM exhausted from not sleeping at night!

 Big Breakfast
Then once I got up knowing that I had missed prime running opportunity number one of the day, I indulge in a heartier than normal breakfast. 
I don't know about you but this usually leaves me feeling bloated and lazy.  It tastes so good it's hard to remind myself that I didn't eat that much to fuel my Ultra let alone just a day of playing with the family and then driving 3 1/2 hours.
Tell me I'm not the only one.  Doesn't everyone indulge in big breakfast weekends?
Why do we did it?

At least it wasn't birthday cake

Family Fun

But the day wasn't completely filled with wrong choices.  With 6 more days in the week and a 100 run goal looming, I know that I don't regret a little family fun.  It will be these memories that I will pull to mind the next time the miles get too long and I feel like I can't put that next foot in front of the other.

This is exactly why I do it!

We all jumped in the pond to cool off

After a swim in the pond, bubbles are a requirement!

A little later than I had wanted.  A lot less miles than I want to start my week with but Run # 95 = done.
"Hello treadmill, let me introduce myself.  I know it's been a long time..."

Run # 95 - short and sweaty

The minimum 2 miles

Five more runs to 100. 

Sunday, July 18, 2010

A support group

I work with guys.  Construction type guys.  You know the ones; colorful langauge, inappropriate conversations, eye problems (well, they must have them because they can't seem to look up farther than about 4' from the ground when talking to me), and off color jokes. 
These same co-workers read my blog.  They stumbled across Run Like a Mother which is written by a pair of great ladies and a wonderful book for all running moms but that was lost of these guys.
They felt that there should be an outlet, a resource for those husbands and boyfriends who are not so "on board" with all this running.

Another view of me

They've decided that they should start a blog called:

Stay at home like a wife.

I think it is so funny! 
I am sure there will be loads of hubbies out there who can be guest writers sharing loads of hysterical stories, offering creative ways to keep their woman home and how to's about getting out of watching the kids. 
So be the first to submit your story, advice or how to for
Stay at home like a wife.
A blog for those who find humor in supporting all us running mothers.

This is what 92 runs does to a person.
Today's run is #95!  Getting soooo close!

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Admit you made a mistake

Run# 93 (3.5/28:xx) Friday a.m.

It just dawned on me.
You know how everyone is wearing capri pants?  They are not quite shorts so you can wear them to work and they're not quite long pants so you don't feel as hot.  In fact, I don't know a lady who doesn't wear them.
You, too?

Well, my moment of genius came today as I was wearing my blue capri pants.  I realized that the capri pant was probably born from some one trying to not admit that they had made a mistake.
You don't believe me? Well let me explain.
I theorize that in some big fashion house there was a designer who was sending an order of pants to their manufacturer.  In submitting the design they inadvertently wrote down the wrong length. 
See my brilliance?
Not wanting to admit they had made a mistake, they claimed the new fashion was intentional.
So now we are all walking around in flood pants so that someone did not have to say they made a mistake.
So next time you are looking to offer an excuse, a reason or out right deny that you made a mistake, consider the consequences.
So before taking pictures of your behind becomes viral in bloggy land let me be the first to say, close up of my backside.  Maybe a mistake.
I'm just saying.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Change the way you look at things

Yesterday I realized that I was stuck in a photographic rut.  It was pointed out to me that uh-duh there are only so many ways to take a self portrait when you are holding the camera.  With that being said, Biking Sherpa embraced the idea of changing the way we look at things in an attempt to show a different side of me....


LBM helped too. 
So over the next few posts you will get to enjoy the often unflattering extremely sweaty ways to look at, well me.  All so you don't get bored.
With no race on the horizon,
(nothing registered for but several I am still dreaming about.  Maybe Hubbs will get on board with a few!)
my boring running streak and little else to talk about I need something to keep your interest, right?

Like cute pictures of the kiddos

Or silliness from the Biking Sherpa.

If all goes well the streak will reach 100 around Tuesday or Wednesday. 
What do you think we should do to celebrate?
I'd really like to win all the great giveaways I have listed below but that's not really a celebration now is it?
So give me your ideas and let's see what I can pull together!

Run# 92 (6.5/53:18)

Jamie @ Running Diva Mom is hosting a Zerbert Baby products giveaway

Stacie @ Impossible is Nothing is hosting a Road Id Giveaway

Tricia @ Endurance isn't only physical is hosting a GoLite giveaway