Daily Chatter

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

...98, 99

Run # 98 (6.5 / 52:07) Tuesday p.m.

How the morning dawned

Run # 99 (3.5 / 27:08) Wednesday a.m.

Wow.  That's it.  My next run will be 100. 
I think back to that day after Mother's Day when this all started and I wonder how it spiraled into 73 days later.  I look forward and wonder if there are 27 more days in me. 
With a racing ban in effect for awhile (a la Hubbs) I need goals to challenge me.  Although the truth is I would be out there running (mostly twice a day) with or without a goal or race in mind.

I just love to run.

So for now I am content to see where this takes me without any firm desire either way.
I have some races to check into and maybe secretly register for.  You know they do fill up!  And until race day, Hubbs may have come back around and see the excitement and pride in supporting me. 

Next up, the 100th run.


  1. Wow - 100 runs and no rest. You were made to run
    Here's to many more. Congrat's!

  2. Congratulations, one run early!! What a milestone!

  3. Oooh I feel like it's New Year's Eve! Congrats!

  4. Wow....what an accomplishment! 100 is right there....

  5. Wow, almost there!!! Interested to find out what's next!

  6. im excited for u!!!!

  7. Congrats on your amazing feat! 100 consecutive runs (with an ultra in there) is awe-inspiring!

  8. Almost there - WOW!
    I've really enjoyed following your journey =)

  9. The century is about to end. Now, onto a new era!