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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Simple Small Town Life

Yesterday was a wonderfully long day.
It started early with my usual 3.5 mile (28:16) wake up run before work.
Which was day 80 and I can see it in my pace but the day's run was done and we had plans for the evening so no double for me.
We were going to the...

A county fair is pretty after dark...you can't see all the dirt!

Promises to myself to be home at a reasonable hour went out the window as S'ghetti girl found friends to run around and ride with.  Which was really fine with me since I am at the fair the majority of evenings volunteering with the senior arts department.  In fact, one of my photos won best of show!

A small section of the arts entries.

S'ghetti girl got on stage with the magician.  She somewhat stalks him every year.  It is one of her favorite things to do.  Watch the magic show, not stalk.  In fact she has been working on her own act.

S'ghetti girl as the magician's helper

The kids road lots of rides and enjoyed having their friends to share the fun with. 
I got dust covered and sticky but enjoyed seeing them having so much fun.

S'ghetti has riden this exact horse every single year!  She calls it "her's."

We ate too much "bad" food but were on our feet for hours so I am hoping we worked some of it off.  If you have a local or county fair I encourage you to go and enjoy.  It's even better if it helps to support a local 4-H group.  Maybe consider entering something; most agricultural fairs have departments for baked goods, produce, wine, arts and crafts, sewing and photography. 

LBM making his bike go Vrooooooooom!

Even with the late night I was still up (all be it slowly) this morning for a squeezed in 3.5 miles (28:59). 
I have made it to day 81 with no injuries but even with dropping a few double days, I can feel the effects of running without a break.  It is such an ingrained habit now, I wonder about my ability to not get up in the morning for the first run. 
Day 81 3.5 miles / 28:59

I have a big cup of coffee waiting for me and a very full desk of work. 
Between that and the cotton candy I am sure I'll make it through my day.
And then it's back to the fair.

Do you have a county fair?
Do you attend?  Volunteer? 
Do you enter anything? 


  1. I grew up with a small town fair, nothing more fun!! Congrats on your photo win, too - that's so very cool! You're so awesome! Thanks for your very kind words on my SF blog, it made me smile when you said you knew I'd do the full. Yeah, I knew it too :). ((hugs))

  2. And you're going back for more?! Sounds like so much fun. :)

    I am sure after this many consecutive runs, you won't know what to do with yourself if/when the streak ends.

  3. I grew up in a small town and I miss the small town fair (among many other things). Love the photos of the kids! Looks like they had lots of fun.

  4. i WISH there was a county fair near me. that looks like lots of fun. at first i was like "wonderfully long day" = she's crazy. but i think i want that kind of long day after reading this post! haha

  5. That's one thing I miss - the fair! Especially the roasted corn.

  6. How fun to go to the fair with your family! I have such fond memories of going to the county fair when I was young. We do have a lot of fairs around here, but Punky is allergic to a byproduct of hay (and fairs have lots of hay) so we stay far away.

  7. I always seem to miss the fair and only realize it when a friend asks something like "did you see such-and-such at the fair" and then I am sad that I missed all those fun things you talked about. Maybe next year I will put it on my calendar before I miss it. Looks like yours was a fun one.

  8. we have a town fair end of august and we love it ...we volunteered the first year here when we did not have kids. now we go and the kids go nutz. and i wind up eating funnel cake. it is a wonderful community event.

  9. For the Record, when I go to a state fair (the closest thing we've got to a county fair) it's for the powdered sugar coated FUNNEL CAKE. Yum, deep fried goodness. Usually I hate deep fried food & "fake food" (i.e. - can you tell where it came from), and I don't eat out of "booths", BUT warm funnel cake is the glaring exception to the rule.

  10. I love going to the fair. I am not one to stalk a magician but I will eat lots of goodies :)