Daily Chatter

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It feels like cheating

Run # 88 ~ 2miles/18:58

The streak is still going.


I feel like a cheat only doing 2 painfully slow miles 2 days after the Ultra.
I was able to do my normal wake up run (3.5) on Sunday but Monday morning proved a bit brutal for the upper quads.  This morning was a bit kinder to my legs but I still did a slow 2 miles followed by lots of stretching.  My thighs do not like going down steep technical hills.  I hold back too much for fear of falling.
I know that I allowed for the 2 mile minimum knowing there would be days I would need that but I am hoping to finish this streak strong.

After last week's 73+ miles it will be hard to accept a low mileage week.  I am struggling with what seems like the opposite of what many of you have written about after races; I struggle with having to ease up instead of feeling any sense of "after race" let down.  Maybe it's too soon.  Maybe that will hit me later. 
I can still clearly see the trails in my mind and feel the ground beneath my feet. 
And it is calling to me to come back.

Tonight I will attempt a double day but I will probably keep the mileage low or hit the treadmill to stay off the hills that are o'plenty around my house.  Only 12 more runs to 100. 
I will have to have something cooked up to celebrate if I make it. 
Right now I am happy dreaming of those trails and reliving what to date was the best run of my life!

How often after a race have you been able to say that?


  1. What an amazing thing that you are feeling so good! And running immediately after your ultra - you are a super star!

  2. I love that you are still running and not taking a break. I feel that it keeps the kinks worked out! Its not so much the length or time but the quality so enjoy yourself reliving your lovely race!!!!

  3. A 2 miler is STILL running! Great job keeping up the streak!

  4. 2 miles after that incredibly endurance race is NOT cheating! I know you'll make your streak...I'm thinking you need something PINK to celebrate :).

  5. You are amazing. 2 miles is probably smart not cheating. :)

  6. Yes, 2 miles is legit! Amazed you can do that after the ultra!

  7. It is not cheating - and you've worked too hard to be injured at this stage! Rest!

  8. It is not cheating. If you just finished an Ultra, 2 miles is probably GOOD for you! Heck, even 2 days of 2 miles wouldn't be cheating. Don't be to hard on yourself; you are doing great!

  9. The streak is alive and well! Amazing job!

  10. Holy...seriously!! You are a machine.