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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th

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Run # 78 - 8.8 miles

You can't turn your back for a minute on my kids.  I should have known better.

After a wonderful "in the zone" run this morning and a yummy breakfast of made to order pancakes, hubbs was trying to finish a deck project that we started yesterday.  I left the breakfast for a minute to help.

Easily within that time LBM had moved a chair to the sink, turned on the water and pushed the faucet so that the quickly lowing water was spreading all over the counter tops headed to the coffee maker on one side and the microwave on the other! AAaAAYYYYYeeEEEE

I grab LBM and turn off the water, quickly unplugging appliances.  While I am distracted with that mess LBM proceeded to spray a bottle of foaming cleaner all over his head!

I need another vacation.  I think we should steer clear of any fireworks today.  Who knows what might happen!

Happy 4th everyone.  Stay safe.


  1. oh kids. hahah. whenever i'm in charge of my siblings i can't turn my back either or else the house will be burnt to the ground!

    happy 4th to you too :)

  2. Its amazing how fast those little hands and minds work! Oh the trouble they find :)
    Have a great day!

  3. Happy 4th of July!!!glad all was ok!They are way too fast!!!

  4. little trouble maker, isnt he!?! lol

    happy the 4th!

  5. And you can't blink because they're going to be grown adults before you know it. ;)

  6. I'm glad everything turned out okay. LBM gets his speed from you:)

  7. Mmm, pancakes make a great post-run breakfast! Sneaky LBM!!!

  8. Oh my. They certainly keep you on your toes.