Daily Chatter

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I wasn't even trying

I noticed something when I was uploading photos to post today.
I taken the same photo very very often.
You probably noticed this long ago and wondered if it actually was from a different run.
Let me assure you that I actually do simply wear the same outfit that often.  I just get stuck.  I wear it for a couple runs and then wash it.  Since I hang my running clothes to dry they end up on the top of the laundry pile so that is how I end up grabbing them again and again.

I thought they were so similar that I would share my crazy routine induced chronic photo poses with you so that you could compare.

This is after Run# 90.  6.5 miles (52:50) with LBM Wednesday evening.  I am not really smiling because I am tired and sweaty.  It was the first "longish" run since the Ultra. 
Compare that with this morning.

This is after Run# 91 3.5 miles (27:16) this morning.  Oddly my entire shirt is sweated wet this morning when last night with double the miles my shirt still had dry spots.  I legs felt nearly back to normal after this run.  I may even go the day without my compression socks on.  (I've been living in them!)
Notice how similar those two photos are!  Now you might think that was a fluke, not so.  Compare these to photos from the 90th and 91st runs and then you'll see that I am completely driven by habit!  Only the background and amount of sweat changes.

Run # 90 Wednesday evening.

Run # 91 Thursday morning.

I think habits are good and bad. 
It is healthy to shake thing up every now and then so don't be suprised if you start seeing photos of me from an entirely different view!


  1. Oh I see - you're smiling in every one!

  2. I believed you... funny though. You are a woman to be admired! Keep it up girl!

  3. I didn't think anything of it because I do the same thing! I circulate maybe two or three outfits that I LOVE in the summer, so they would show up a lot if I took pics every time. ;)

  4. i do the same this also.
    ive foudn it hareder in the past few weeks with the heat, but i still reuse clothes.
    a bit gross, but whatever.
    i also sometimes dont wash my hair, just dry off the sweat. :S

  5. I have 5 running outfits that I really like and I rotate through them in order. So, every 5 days, the same outfits repeat.

  6. I love to wear the same outfits! I circulates between my faves!

  7. :) It's hard to take self portraits in differing views. :) but you look great in them all!

  8. When you are taking self-portraits, there are only so many ways to do it if you hold the camera. I can't wait to see what you have in store for us!

  9. I wear the same clothes over and over again too! I love it--plus, less crazy washing instructions to follow

  10. Love my fav outfit too.

    Your smile is sooooooooo consistent. Just like your running. I think you should wink in one photo tomorrow. ;)

  11. Too funny. I think its great that you take a picture. I should bring my phone with me and take a pic too.

  12. Your pics always make me smile because you're so frigging cute and my running idol! For real you run more than anyone I know!!!

  13. So funny!! I cant even do the same thing twice in a row. LOL!

  14. Routines are great - even if it means wearing favorite clothes and flashing the same great smile:)

  15. I love your cute blue shirt, girlie! So adorable! I get so tired of taking my camera at arm's length to take the same pic of me over and over...I've been playing with my timer more. You have such a pretty smile - :)

  16. I have a couple outfits I wear to death too!

  17. umm...hello...as often as your run your bound to repeat often. :)