Daily Chatter

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I spy with my little eye...

....something that is GREEN.

Tonia @ Racing with babes had a great idea to show everyone what we see while we are putting in all these miles.  So although Sunday's run was less than photo worthy, Saturday I did manage a decent run of 6 miles.

Here is what I saw:

A little late on this one.  I started at my front but forgot the pic until I hit the road.

See there is NO shoulder on roads in VA and encroaching vegation everywhere.
Pretty to look at but not running with a jogging stroller friendly!

This is much closer to my speed!  This gets me off the lined road.  LBM seems to enjoy the bouncy ride.

A long tar-and-chip side road

 Coming back out the tar-and-chip long side road - boring

There is a trail ahead to the left (just before that utility pole) that I take
It is beautiful in the trees!

Back on our "drive."

This was run # 94 (Saturday)
It was really hot.  I forget what a difference there is between PA and VA!

That's what I see when I run in VA.
Lots and lots of GREEN.

What do you see?


  1. I would have thought that was PA if you hadn't of told me. Thanks for playing along.

  2. That road looks a little scary, but love the trail and path...only 6 more runs to 100! :)

  3. i love ur run. i love what u see. i wanna run where u run!

    i see bratty kids hanging out and smoking cigarettes and cars that honk and dont stop for pedestrians!

  4. Fun! You run in such beautiful country! I'm tired of my busy roads ;)

  5. What great roads you have! I really enjoy the gravelly stuff - but we only get it here when there is construction.

  6. I am so used to city roads and sidewalks. I would be a little nervous on those shoulder-less roads. Pretty pics.

  7. What a peaceful and beautiful place to run! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I miss the green of VA. CO can be green, but mostly pine tree green. When I run I have to look at mountains. Too bad for me, right?

  9. SO pretty! thanks for taking us along

  10. Gorgeous, the green that you see is incredible!!

  11. your pics make me want to leave the suburbs for rural VA any day of the week!!