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Sunday, July 18, 2010

A support group

I work with guys.  Construction type guys.  You know the ones; colorful langauge, inappropriate conversations, eye problems (well, they must have them because they can't seem to look up farther than about 4' from the ground when talking to me), and off color jokes. 
These same co-workers read my blog.  They stumbled across Run Like a Mother which is written by a pair of great ladies and a wonderful book for all running moms but that was lost of these guys.
They felt that there should be an outlet, a resource for those husbands and boyfriends who are not so "on board" with all this running.

Another view of me

They've decided that they should start a blog called:

Stay at home like a wife.

I think it is so funny! 
I am sure there will be loads of hubbies out there who can be guest writers sharing loads of hysterical stories, offering creative ways to keep their woman home and how to's about getting out of watching the kids. 
So be the first to submit your story, advice or how to for
Stay at home like a wife.
A blog for those who find humor in supporting all us running mothers.

This is what 92 runs does to a person.
Today's run is #95!  Getting soooo close!


  1. hehehe!
    I bet you want to go out and run 5 times today!

  2. Hmmm, does these guys have running gals in their lives?

    Perhaps they'd entertain a guest piece from us gals who have to creatively trick our husbands into actually believing that they'll only be gone for a "quickie".

  3. You work with neanderthals?! Don't they know that we make much better wives because we go running. My husband sometimes sends me on runs because I'm a nicer me when I've had one.

  4. omg that's hilarious! david works in construction but so far all his buddies think it's cool I run...or at least thats what they say to him

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  6. hahhaha. thats pretty funny!

    and fun picture at the end. love seeing how ur changing up the pix! :)

  7. I think that's great! Should make for some fun reading anyways!