Daily Chatter

Friday, July 30, 2010

Did you notice...

Did you notice in a recent post HERE there was something different.  Something unusual.

No.  It isn't the I had a double day. 
Although I've cut back on them they are still a normal part of my running.

No.  It's not the new shirt. 
That's my awesome I-really-didn't-want-to-sweat-in-it Skyline Challenge tech tee. 

No.  It's not the fact that I ran 4 miles instead of 3.5. 
I know, you just thought I was stuck on that distance in the mornings, huh?

It's the fact that my Hubbs ran with me!
Although he changed his shirt at the last minute, I swear he just wanted to clash! it was his idea to run.
He had a PT test this week and needed to get a run completed to see where his time would be.
How lucky am I?!  It was great to see him out there running without pain and keeping his usual fasty-fast pace I might add.

He did great on his PT test and put some of those younger non-knee surgery men to shame. 
Congrats to my Major!


  1. I DID notice your hubbs in the photo and though maybe he sneaked in there. ;) Running with hubby is THE BEST!

  2. Oh and here I thought that was Lance Armstrong!

  3. wohooo for hubs getting out there!

  4. Love it! Running with your honey is always the best! Happy Friday!

  5. i'm so happy and jealous of you being able to run with your hubby (slash anyone haha). awesome :)

  6. I noticed, but didn't know if he had been out running or if he just stepped into the picture. Yay for him getting out and running.

  7. Very cool! My husband and I don't get nearly enough chances to run together. Enjoy it whenever you can!

  8. sweet. My husband doesn't "do running". at. all.

    But he bikes, sort of, and so occasionally if we have child care, we can go for a ride together. my neighbor thinks it's so romantic.

  9. I did notice that. You guys looked great and happy.

    I cannot run with my husband at all; I end up getting frustrated with him, complain and take off. My problem - not his. The irony is we met running; I was taking it easy one race (a 30K one at that) so paced him through it. The rest is history.

  10. way to go! Glad he waited for his PT to release him to return! (Can you tell I'm a PTA? hehe)