Daily Chatter

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

like sands through the hour glass....

Sometimes my life feels a little bit like a soap opera.
The same things happen over and over. 
The only difference is what I am wearing.

At least in my soap opera life I only run.  I mean no one dies
(of course they would be miraculously brought back to life by my little known medical training at the last moment), I don't have an evil twin and I didn't become pregnant by my sister's husband's half cousin while evading the law since I was on run for robbing a bank to finance the experimental surgery one of my children needed to save their lives.

Gee all that running gives me waaaaaaaaay too much time to think stuff up.

Friday pm run ~ 6.5

Saturday am run ~ 3.5

Sunday am run ~ 3.5

Sunday pm run ~ 4

Monday am run ~ 3.5

Tuesday am run ~ 3.5

Tuesday pm run ~ 6.5


  1. It feels like groundhog day to me too every time I climb up the same stupid hill with my dogs. But if we're going to be stuck doing the same thing over and over and over..better that it's something healthy and fun than unhealthy or boring!

  2. hahhahah soaps are so funny. and so are u!

  3. i used to watch soaps religiously! love the self portraits :)

  4. Like Lisa - my life can feel like Groundhog day, too! Hahaha! Running is what keeps us saine!
    Happy Wednesday!

  5. There are certainly worse "recurring events" which could be taking place. Great routine you have!

  6. That's why I sometimes lack run blogging inspiration. Too many runs that seem too alike.

    I love how you are doing your hair now.

  7. You crack me up! Way to keep up the running.

  8. Wow- I was just sitting here lamenting over the easy 3 I have after work...I came here and look at all that running! No more whining, I am just going to do it!

  9. Structure and stability are everything. For many of us, running provides it.

  10. oh my gosh that was a great little poem!!! love the daily run pics