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Thursday, July 22, 2010

100 Runs ~ The Words

100th run - 07.21.10

My 100th run did not hold the celebration that I might have hoped it would.  Biking Sherpa wasn't able to be part of it, no shirts were printed to commemorate the event, no one was waiting at the end to hand me another medal.  I simply laced up my shoes, got LBM in the jogger and headed down a familiar road, much like the first run 73 days ago.

In a way I prefer it that.  My running has for the most part been just that, My running.  I have not enjoyed the comradery of fellow runners sharing a common interest.  I have passed countless miles on foot simply to enjoy being out in nature, seeing what was around the next corner or over the next hill, pushing my body to do things that were challenging and uncomfortable simply to see if I could. 

So I didn't need a big production, although your many well wishes did add to my accomplishment and I thank you all for them.  I want nothing more than to enjoy the sport of running and to show those who don't have as many miles on their feet that there are many ways to go about running.  It doesn't always require a training plan.  Running doesn't have to be for any goal or race. 
Running can simply be for the sheer joy of running.

I won't ever be an Olypmic runner.  I may never see the trail without other's footprints.  I may have already had my fastest mile.  For me that is all okay.  Because I know that I will continue to have a relationship with running for many years to come.  Like a faithful friend it's there for me, every day if I want it, ready to listen to my joys and sorrows; ready to challenge me and encourage me; ready to give me far more than it ever takes. 

So this morning day 74, I still heard that morning air calling to me.  I heard the road welcoming me back and I put on my shoes and....

I ran.

Run # 101 ~ 3.5 / 28:24


  1. Beautiful post - sometimes it's nice to JUST RUN.

  2. The big question is...

    another 50 or are we taking a nap?

    Great job :)

  3. "Running doesn't have to be for any goal or race. Running can simply be for the sheer joy of running." This is so true. I ran for the better part of 11 years and only did four 5Ks the whole time. Running was for running and for me. It is wonderful when it is something you love to do and want to do and can do without any goal other than to go for a run.

  4. your amazing! I would have eaten 100 cupcakes to make up for 100 runs.

  5. Amen! Nice post 'cause running is awesome, no matter the goals, and great job on juggling a job, family and running. I know how tough that can be. Hope you do something nice for yourself, like maybe buy another running skirt (??).
    Cheers from an Alaska trial runner,

  6. Absolutely awesome, amazing, fantastic.... and 97 other words to describe your feat. Well done, Shelly!

  7. You are so inspiring to me. I have missed connecting with the Blog world... I need to catch up. Great job!

  8. Congrats on the 100 and here's to 100+ more to come. Don't feel too alone out there as we are all with you in spirit.

  9. BIG hugs to you for your accomplishment. Who knows what it will lead to?????

    I loved Erica's comment about the cup cakes. :-)

  10. Congrats on the run! I love the way you compared running to a friend. I never thought about it that way

  11. I love this post! Congrats on 100!!

  12. Great post! Your love of running is so obvious in every single post you write.

  13. awww i just got goosebumps!
    again, congrats.
    u r amazing!