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Friday, July 9, 2010

There's No Taper on a Streak

Run # 83 - I cut this to 3.5 (29:29) to save my legs a bit

I am so close to my 100 Runs. 
I wasn't sure I would get this far but now that I have I simply MUST get to 100.  Okay, I couch that comment since I still have yet to survive the Ultra and be able to walk the next day let alone run
But I do intend on attempting to continue after the Ultra if at all possible so there is no taper while streaking. 

Run # 84 - I look a bit sickly in this early morning light

This morning I ran a nice easy wake up 3.5 miles (28:39) and that is the last run until Saturday morning when I run into the woods tomorrow morning at 6.  That will make the Ultra my 85th run. 
How cool if I had made it my 100th run?  But at least I will still have something to get out there and work towards after the race.  I won't be able to fall into those after race blues.

I may not make it around to wish everyone speedy legs for all those racing and training over the weekend so Run Strong and enjoy!

Tonia at Racing with Babes is hosting a Zensah compression sock giveaway.  The folks at Zensah must have stalked Tonia to know that she would lovelovelove their argyle print compression knee socks!  What?  You didn't know that about Tonia?!  You have to go catch up with this amazing mom of three.  She is a new running coach, child-herder, home manager and supportive wife who happens to love to look goood when she runs and she runs A LOT!  She is training for her upcoming races;  two halfs, a tri and her marathon in October!  She really is a running mom you should know.  Go over and say Hi and remember to tell Tonia that I sent you.


  1. You are AMAZING. Good luck tomorrow! I hope the trails are kind.

  2. Wow! Good luck, I look forward to hearing about your race!

  3. you are so close to 100! you can do it :) good luck tmrw!

  4. wow! you ROCK!!!! I don't think my oldish body could do 100 in a row!!!:)

  5. u r sooooo close! awesome!
    good luck tomorrow! i know u will do great~

  6. Good luck tomorrow! I can't to read about your run :-)

  7. Good luck! You are awesome and are going to rock the 50 miler. Thanks for keeping me motivated ... and for that sweet write up!

  8. Have a great race tomorrow! Are you sure you'll be able to stop at 100?

  9. You are super close, you make it all look so easy. Good Luck tomorrow can't wait to read all about it. :)

  10. Holy cow!! i knew I was missing something.. How did I miss a high Five for you?? I SUCK!! So sorry, I am so out of it busy lately, off to update the list.

    We need to have a CELEBRATION when you get to 100, I KNOW it will happen!

  11. Good luck today! By now, you're a few hours in to it and I hope it's going well for you!