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Friday, July 16, 2010

Change the way you look at things

Yesterday I realized that I was stuck in a photographic rut.  It was pointed out to me that uh-duh there are only so many ways to take a self portrait when you are holding the camera.  With that being said, Biking Sherpa embraced the idea of changing the way we look at things in an attempt to show a different side of me....


LBM helped too. 
So over the next few posts you will get to enjoy the often unflattering extremely sweaty ways to look at, well me.  All so you don't get bored.
With no race on the horizon,
(nothing registered for but several I am still dreaming about.  Maybe Hubbs will get on board with a few!)
my boring running streak and little else to talk about I need something to keep your interest, right?

Like cute pictures of the kiddos

Or silliness from the Biking Sherpa.

If all goes well the streak will reach 100 around Tuesday or Wednesday. 
What do you think we should do to celebrate?
I'd really like to win all the great giveaways I have listed below but that's not really a celebration now is it?
So give me your ideas and let's see what I can pull together!

Run# 92 (6.5/53:18)

Jamie @ Running Diva Mom is hosting a Zerbert Baby products giveaway

Stacie @ Impossible is Nothing is hosting a Road Id Giveaway

Tricia @ Endurance isn't only physical is hosting a GoLite giveaway


  1. The first picture is so great :-)

  2. For a moment I thought you were wearing an outfit that graduated in colour - until I realised it was sweat. Must be seriously hot over there and you must finish your runs a few pounds lighter than when you started.

  3. very cool pictures.
    and thats a lot of sweat. hahhaha. and the biking sherpa, is she doing push ups? wow! crazy!

    have a great weekend. cant wait to read about your 100th run sooN!

  4. Love the skirt! And I like that you do so many pictures.

  5. well winning giveaways is a great way to celebrate...but hmm maybe someting more plannable would be a run? :)

  6. The new angles are fun!!
    I think you should just keep on running! Maybe have some ice cream or something :)
    ooooo, I almost hit post comment and then I though that you should have a t-shirt made!!!

  7. Have a Hundred Day Celebration like they do in kindergarten when kids are learning to count to 100. Your kids would have fun thinking of things to do.

  8. Love the pics! And WOW on 100!! You are awesome!

  9. For some reason I thought your bike Sherpa was hubby! Don't know why, but I did. ;)

  10. I'm getting so excited about run #100! I'll be thinking of you on my run that day! (ps--I've got your email and will respond this week!) YOU GO GIRL! Love the new pics!

  11. ok.
    this was totally

  12. Wow almost 100!!!!! Love the photos...

    celebration...hmmm...I bet your kids could come up with something good!