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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Admit you made a mistake

Run# 93 (3.5/28:xx) Friday a.m.

It just dawned on me.
You know how everyone is wearing capri pants?  They are not quite shorts so you can wear them to work and they're not quite long pants so you don't feel as hot.  In fact, I don't know a lady who doesn't wear them.
You, too?

Well, my moment of genius came today as I was wearing my blue capri pants.  I realized that the capri pant was probably born from some one trying to not admit that they had made a mistake.
You don't believe me? Well let me explain.
I theorize that in some big fashion house there was a designer who was sending an order of pants to their manufacturer.  In submitting the design they inadvertently wrote down the wrong length. 
See my brilliance?
Not wanting to admit they had made a mistake, they claimed the new fashion was intentional.
So now we are all walking around in flood pants so that someone did not have to say they made a mistake.
So next time you are looking to offer an excuse, a reason or out right deny that you made a mistake, consider the consequences.
So before taking pictures of your behind becomes viral in bloggy land let me be the first to say, close up of my backside.  Maybe a mistake.
I'm just saying.


  1. I am not sure about how capri pants came about but we saw them as a mistake last night - on a dude...

  2. I wish my capris were more bermudas...unfortunately both are just a bit long so they don't look as cute on me as they do on taller women (or women who pay for hemmed pants). lol

  3. About half of my pants are capris: As you can imagine it's warm here in FL most of the year and pants, pants just don't always work. I don't think I'm quite the right height for capris, but I've been wearing them so much for so long now, I don't care.

  4. My husband laughs at my capris - but I like them at work when I am moving from a/c to outdoor supervision and back. Admittedly, though, they are not my favorite pant.

  5. GREAT post... Often when I think that something is BAD it end up to be the best thing that has happened to me.. HUGS!

  6. Haha I love this point of view! I'm with you- I'm pretty sure most things "invented" are really just accidents ;)

  7. hahaha! Jamoosh, those are called manpris!
    They are hideous and hilarious!
    I like capris if they are more of a carpenter khaki with draw strings at the bottom of the leg. I am particular about my capris.

    I agree, them must have been an accident!