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Saturday, July 3, 2010

No handlebars

Run #76

After working all day on about four hours sleep...thanks LBM,  I thought running my 6.5 loop pushing the stroller would be a great idea before driving 3 1/2 hours to the VA house.

As it turned out, it was!

I was able to get a great workout in and stretch my legs after sitting for most  of the day.  Then the ids and I played water guns so they could run around too followed by quick baths and we headed out.

Traffic was not as bad as I had feared and the only acidents were in the other direction. We got very lucky.  Although we got in late I think our delayed start benefited our travel.

I got up this morning and thanks to Hubbs had my first stroller free run in a long time (#77 8.7 / 1:07:13).  It was warm but not sweltering and it felt great to run holding only my handheld instead of handlebars!
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  1. Yay for stroller free runs! Best thing ever! Have a great holiday weekend!

  2. have a great weekend. i'm in awe that you can run with a stroller. i saw a woman running with one last week and my first thought was "holy moly. i can barely run by myself let alone pushing something!"

  3. Nothing like a good run to get the good feelings rolling.

  4. Awesome you got a stroller run.... and fast time. great job!

  5. Only 4 hours of sleep! Time to slip LBM a little Benadryl ;)

    Nice job on both runs!

  6. I'm sure your legs appreciated that run!