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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little resistance and a running confession


It is the hot topic:  the heat!
I think back about 60ish days ago when this streak started and I remember longing for warm days and the suns rays.  Now I choose the side of the road to run on based on the amount of shade.  Now it's hot no matter how early I get up. 

I can't say it is all bad.  I have been getting much better about always carrying water.  In fact while we were in VA I used my big Nathan's handheld for the first time and was so glad I had it!  Another upside is that after a great sweaty run the kids and I go jump in the pool.

Last night we did just that.  It was so great to see the sun go down while we were splashing.  S'ghetti girl and I got to swim 'alone' for a while since LBM had fallen asleep in the stroller during the run and was still napping there when we first jumped in the pool.  It was nice to have a little time with just us girls.  But LBM didn't nap long and the rowdiness started back up again.

With much resistance the kids finally went inside for baths afterwhich we called Hubbs for our evening chat.  S'gehtti girl had promised her dad that she would call every night and talk so she started the conversation and then passed the phone to me. 

To say that Hubbs is happy about this up coming race would be a stretch and having my family there has been in question.  However, I told Hubbs I would simply not run the race if he felt it was too much of an issue for the family.  He had talked with S'ghetti girl to get her opinion.  This is what she said:

Hubbs:  Do you want to go to mommy race this Saturday?
S'ghetti:  Yes!
Hubbs:  Now we will have to get up at 4:45 to see mommy off at the start.
S'ghetti:  What?  Why so early?
Hubbs:  Well, that's when it starts.  It's a really long race.  We could let mommy go alone and just see her after or not go at all but mommy probably won't run if we are not there.
S'ghetti:  Then I want to go.  I'll take a nap later, okay?  I want to see mommy running.  I know it makes her so happy!

I think after this race I will be taking a racing break for a while.  I wanted to race once a month this year but I think my running goals have advanced enough that the things I want to attempt are starting to be too much for my family right now.  So I'll keep training as if I might do that 50 miler this October but I'll focus on local running and local shorter races (if any for a while) and I'll be okay if I just run our local marathon (and maybe a few closer to the VA house) this fall and spend a bit more time focusing on the family who loves me enough to get up at these crazy hours to see me run away from them and then comes back to see me run back to them X hours later.

My confession:
 I have taken their support a bit for granted. 
They deserve a little more of my time. 
It's hard to admit that but I know it's true.

What's your running confession?  Have you ever dealt with a little family resistance?


  1. I would LOVE to jump in the pool post-run in this heat. Hmm, I need a pool!

    Is there anything better than the love and support of family? I don't have kids of course and hubby runs and races as much as I do, so we have a mutual understanding. I wonder how things will change when kids come along.

  2. I have been pondering the same thing lately. While I don't run 50 miles, I have been into marathons and it takes away precious time from my family. I love running. And I will always do so. But training not only takes me physically away from my family, but mentally also. And in the end, it just doesn't seem fair to them. I don't want to raise any resentments. My children are 8 & 9. I hope I have many running years in front of me. For now, I'm not going to train for another marathon. Just a "little" break to refresh us all. Good luck...it's hard being so many things as a woman...but I know I will always be a runner. Because as long as I'm a runner, I'm a better wife, mother and friend.

  3. Michelle it seems like we are at similar places. I can't see your profile to email you. Drop me an email!

  4. Hi.I've been reading your blog and I really enjoy it. I believe that races have to work for the family. Most of my races are local, and the kids come especially when they are kid friendly, but the long races , which are farther away have to be super family friendly. For example, I ran the NJ marathon in May. The day before the race my girls were on the beach flying kites and playing in the sand. They had a great time. I hope my girls will associate these long races with memories that they will cherish.

  5. i totally determine my runs based on where the shade is! a true sign of summer

  6. The balance is really tough. I think you are doing a great job though--the proof is in your daughter's enthusiasm. And I'm sure your husband appreciates your offering to bow out of the race.

    My confession with running? I truly try to schedule a heck of a lot around it--vacation departures, etc. Probably not good!

  7. you do seriously ahve just the best most wonderful and supportive family. I think it's great that you are maybe going to drop back on races, but just keep enjoying the running so they can support you without naps :)

  8. I totally understand how your heart is being pulled in every direction right now. You need to run cuz it makes you a better wife and mother but you also need to be there for them. You'll know when the time's right to jump back in the racing game again, your heart will tell you. My kiddos are older and don't need me around as much as when they were younger but now and then they still like to hear my voice :). Good luck this weekend!! I'm headed to the high country tomorrow but will be back just in time for your race!!

  9. This is the big reason why I've stuck to small, close races in the past year -- although, admittedly, they are also what I am capable of right now.

  10. I'm having that same problem too! As I started training for my first marathon, I'm often torn between my monkeys needing/wanting attention and working really hard on getting my runs in. I've been trying really hard to get my short runs in on my lunch hour, but with it being so hot, it's been much harder! It's encouraging to hear how excited your family is to support you!

  11. Shelly--opened my profile, so you should be able to email now. Anxious to talk with you!

  12. Man a run and a dip in the pool sounds awesome it is so hot here.

    You have to do what is right for you. During the summer it is harder for me to run since during the school year I usually run when the kids are in school and just strap the little one in the jogging stroller so I don't feel guilty about being away from them so now i have cut back my running and been hitting the gym after bedtime and thus far it's been working

  13. Those early mornings are hard on the family; mine struggles with it too. But, like yours, the support is there and that's what drives me to keep going. My boys love watching; after all, they were part of the training too.

    Tough decision, I know. You'll do what's right for everyone.

  14. RE: Hydration...
    What are you planning to take with you for the race?

  15. My family resistance is only in my head, but there nonetheless...ah, mother guilt...

  16. good luck finding the right balance!

  17. I am doing all my fun running and triathlon stuff now while I can; I know once I settle down, get married and have kids, I will have others to balance and depend on. Right now, it is kind of all about me.

    A post run pool jump sounds fabulous!!!

  18. BALANCE!! I am so excited to run WITH my hubby tomorrow. I often feel guilty when I am away from my boys racing..


    QUESTION: why are you wearing the same shirt in all your pictures? I worry...LOL!