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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Do I have strong enough teeth?

Run# 75 (6.5 / 55:xx)  My legs were tired!  Recovery socks here I come.

LBM and I got out for a regular loop last night.  That's run # 75 if you are keeping track.  After the speedier runs #73 and #74, my legs were done!  I was on track to a typical pace at my first two check points however I slowed after the halfway mark which is after two big hills.  That causes me some worry considering my race is nothing but hills...on trails no less. 

Goals for Skyline. 

My I FINISHED goal:  I want to finish.  Well first off I want to start. 
There is always the issue of getting there on time with a 6 a.m start and the requirement that I am onsite by 5:15.  If it were just me, no problem but with kiddos and one still nursing that could be an issue.

My I CAN goal:  Complete the course under the time limit of 12 hours.
I feel even with tired legs I will be able to finish the course even if I have to walk to recover in really steep sections. 
My I LOVE IT goal:  Finish within 31 minutes of my last 50k
I say 31 minutes because that would give me an extra minute per mile.  Knowing this course is far more difficult than the last 50k and I have not been training with a PR in mind...well it was in mind but not reflected in how I worked and rested (or lack there of) my body!
MY DREAM IT goal:  A new 50k PR
I'd love to say that I will better my previous 50k however, I've already been told by those more experinced than myself that will NOT happen.  I believe it is always best to go into things with an open educated mind so I will not put the pressure of a "time" on this race but instead focus on being more aware of my pace throughout the race to avoid hitting a wall and entering the dreaded DNF zone!

With 8 more days until Race day, I am certain that my goals for the race WILL be effected by my self-imposed 100 run streaking. Do I regret it? No. Maybe 20+ miles into the Ultra I will change that answer but for now I know myself and I realize that I am part bull dog. Once a challenge has entered my mind, I nearly have to die to not attempt to finish it.

Maybe that bulldoggedness will help me over come The Skyline Challenge.

So wish me strong legs and teeth next Saturday bright and early.

Are a bulldog's teeth big enough to bite into this?


  1. Holy hell, that's a long ways and I'm sure a bull dog's teeth can rip that to shreds:) Kick some serious tail...and GOOD LUCK!

  2. Bulldog - I love it!

    That is going to be one toigh race, but you will get through it and just think of what an accomplishment THAT will be!

  3. Good luck! That looks like a seriously challenging race. You are going to do great!

  4. Wow, you weren't joking about the hills! But, you are an amazing runner, so I'm certain you can meet and probably even exceed your goals!

  5. you can do it!! wowza on the hills but you're a champ :)

  6. Good luck achieving your goals!

  7. Strong teeth and legs to you my friend!! Don't forget to have some fun while you are at it!!

  8. You have been training so hard for this that the bulldogs would fear you. Your goals are definitely doable.