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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's not the Fourth without fireworks

This morning it was back to the ole' routine. 
Not easy to do after a long weekend and hours in the car with 2 kiddos.
But thinking back to our adventure filled weekend helped get me going and will carry me throughout the day.

LBM enjoying his new swing

S'ghetti girl cooling off

Finding a little relief from the heat

Almost brave enough

It's not the Fourth without fireworks

You can't quite call it the Fourth without fireworks and our family sure had more than it's share over the extended weekend.
As hard as it is to head back to work it's nice too.  It's nice to have that familar schedule and routine.
Plus remember it's already Tuesday!  The weekend will be back again before you know it.

How do you get over that "back to work" dead-ness after a long weekend?


  1. by staying home with my kids LOL jk I know even for me with my hubby back at work; it's an adjustment. But we have a routine to get back into & that helps so much!

  2. Our weekend was from Thursday-Sunday so I had the back to work BLAHS yesterday. I was sooo tired! Hope you make it through your day! A run will help, I'm sure!

  3. Well I tacked a couple days of vacation on to the 4th holiday so I am not back to work until Thursday -but it will still be tough. Enjoy your run. I biked today-did my long run yesterday -so today was a running rest day.

  4. I get over it by immersing myself in attending to all the dirty laundry we generated over the long, hot holiday weekend. glad you're staying cool!

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