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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

L. O. & Ts

Run # 89 - (3.5/ 29:22)
Don't worry I'll do the laundry soon!

What running The Skyline Challenge showed me:


I learned that I must follow the trail myself.
I learned that there is always a price to pay for using anything "new" on race day!
I learned I have to drink, fuel, medicate before I think I do.
I learned that I can ignore a lot of discomfort when distracted by enough trees.
I learned that my mind is 1000% stronger than my body will ever be.
I learned that on any given day I can amaze myself.


I noticed that I can pee anywhere after running through the woods long enough.
I noticed that people will DFN for lots of reasons - kittens being one of them
CLICK HERE to read the story.
I noticed the same view can be just as breathtaking the second time around.
I noticed that people show their inner-selves after about 10 miles on the trails.
I noticed that body type has nothing to do with how well you race an Ultra!
I noticed there is an unpleasant satisfaction when a blister breaks 18 miles into the race.
I noticed that 6k of elevation gain and loss is not more than I can handle.


I wonder if people would all get along better if they had to help eachother
overcome a challenge once in a while?
I wonder if those salamanders stayed off the road?
I wonder if I will ever be able to share that level of joy with my family?
I wonder if my family knows how much it meant to me to have them there cheering for me?
I wonder how long I will be able to wait before asking to do another trail ultra?

Misszippy is hosting a CSN giveaway.  Misszipppy is a long time running, mom of three who is a running coach and freelance writer to ice the crazy cake!  She claims she is not really zippy but she really is!  She is a constant commenter and encourager to me.  I love who I feel she is so honest in the things she shares with me.  I never get that feeling of being told "great job", "you can do it", without her actually believing it and offering me advice to make it happen or improve for the next race.  She just found out her family is going to Australia!  So hurry over and introduce yourself so you don't miss out on following her adventure down under. 


  1. Great post, Shelly! And what a story about the kitten =)

  2. YAY way to go! I love reading about your daily runs! [that didn't sound quite right but]... ;)

    P.S.I'm a missz fan too!

  3. What an enlightening experience! It's always a valuable thing to come away with some lessons. Good question about people helpong one another out a little more.

  4. Love your lessons, observations and thoughts gained from your race. Running is the best therapy couch!