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Thursday, July 1, 2010

....doppler radar has issued a Running Warning for the following areas....

Welcome to the new faithful followers!  I look forward to getting around to meet you.  Please feel free to become a constant commenter so we can get to know eachother.  I can use all the advice and encouragement I can get.

Yeah the return of Biking Sherpa!  I missed her
Run # 72 (6.5/52:27)

Last night I sent of a Running Warning forecast.  Doppler radar had pick up the presence of an increase in motivational pressure quickly moving into my area.  The forecast was for a fast moving storm containing moderate amounts of moisture and steady wind to overtake the area around 6 p.m. and move out of the area by 7 p.m.  Luckily Biking sherpa got the update and responded.

Biking Sherpa getting artsy with the camera
...or maybe she passed out from the run...I better check.

We had a great run.  We did a usual route in reverse, Biking Sherpa's favorite way.  I felt slow and heavy at first but loosened up as we got past some of the lengthy inclines.  I wanted to extend the run a bit but Biking Sherpa wasn't up for anything extarordinary so we finished up and chatted for a while.  But as you can see, Biking Sherpa clearly had a little extra energy for being silly after the run!
Maybe tonight she'll be energized to go again?!

Post run silliness

This morning I was tired.  LBM is staying up way too late at night and getting up early.  So this morning off we went for a wake up run.  3.5 miles 27:07  It was actually chilly.  I am not complaining, of course.  I am simply noting the conditions for comparison sake.  I was a bit speedier this morning dispite having run last night and the fact that it was run # 74.  The cooler conditions may have helped me quicken the pace.

Run # 73 (3.5/27:07)

8 days to Race Day!
What's next on your racing calendar?


  1. Hahaha, you're so dang cute and such a fun writer! 8 days....yay!!

  2. Hi! New follower...your kids are super cute! training for my first full marathon and 3rd half where I'm shooting super hard for a new PR! Good luck on your race in 8 days!!!

  3. I love the post run silliness....too cute! Next on my calendar is 4 miles on the 4th! I'm hoping the cool weather we have in NY will stick around for a few days.

  4. Such cute pics! Your race will be here before you know it!
    As for me, I'm kinda kicking myself for not getting a July 4th race on the calendar...but it's party central here this weekend. I don't think I have anything until the 1/2 in August.

  5. You are killing me with this post. Too funny! Yay for only 8 more days!! You are going to do awesome!

  6. You are getting so close to race day! And I can't believe how much endurance you have with all these back-to-back runs! You're awesome!

  7. Loved thos pics!!! I had my biking sherpa last night, too! I forgot how nice a run is with his company :) And you're getting speedy - but we've had a nice cool down, too and I am def capitalizing on it!
    I have three races three weekends in a row coming up! 2 halves and a 10K trail run - can't wait! You're going to do awesome! Enjoy your 4th!

  8. holllly lord that skyline challenge looks hard!!! GOOD LUCK!!!

  9. You are sooo darn cute and ROCKIN the miles. AMAZING! 8 days to race. I need to find a FUN race in the next few weeks. I have a new 5K outfit I am itching to show off. LOL!!