Daily Chatter

Friday, September 24, 2010

Full Moon

Thursday p.m. run ~ Day # 137

Haven't the evenings just been amazing?
(except for the bugs)
The moon as been so bright it is hard to stay inside and sleep.

Okay you see the photo.
I did run last evening
I took things slower
I shortened my run on Wednesday evening
eased my pace.

Today hip is back to his usual silent self. 
I do plan to adjust my runs since his chatter.
The relay this weekend is about running with Hubbs so
I will be running it at a strong pace but will not be all out racing. 

Next week I will fall back on my mileage and intensity.
We have more racing the next several weekends
and then the main event at the end of October

Thanks for the comments on the last few posts. 
I appreciate everyone who was willing to chime in with their opinions
on world issues and my personal OCD issues.

Steady feet and strong legs to all those lucky runners racing this weekend.
And a special shoot out to all the bloggy meet ups happening, too.

Enjoy the wonderful fall weekend everyone!


  1. Loving this moon!

    Have a fantastic weekend and YAYYY so excited that you'll be ramping back up to ULTRA mileage!!

  2. I was just driving home tonight and admiring the huge full moon...reminded me of last year when I did the Outward Bound relay at midnight by a full mood. Funny what sparks memories. Glad you had a great run by the moon :).

  3. I'm loving the full moon this week! It feels like fall ;)
    Have a blast with the hubbs this weekend - enjoy it! I'm jealous, mine has no desire to race anything - to each his own!
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Great night here tonight too! Full moon, warm weather, and not too many bugs. Oh, I could handle some more summer.