Daily Chatter

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Racing is Back on the Table

Racing is back on the table and I am famished!

Let's talk about a few races that I am going to be doing.
I'm giddy with excitement.

There is the Fire on the Mountain 50k Trail ~ October 31st

There is the Fall Foliage 10 k ~ October 9th

There is the Johnstown Marathon/Half ~ October 3rd

There is the 20k Relay for Life ~ September 24th

Okay that's in an odd order but in level of excitement!

Hubbs has agreed to do one leg of the 20k with me.  I hope it will be the start of more running together.  He has also talked about doing the Half in October.  If he does committ to it, I'll run the half with him.  The 10k is an event I have often won.  It's a small local race so depending on the competition I usually do fairly well.  The 50k.  Well, I am beyond excited to do another one!  Yet, there is part of me that wonders if anything can top the last ultra. 

What do you think?
Too much?  Too close together?
All advice or opinions happily accepted.

Enjoy your Holiday weekend!


  1. i think the racing schedule is great! totally do-able and it's going to be wayyyyyyyyy fun! i need to put mine on paper so i commit :)

  2. I like that racing schedule! And especially the 50K! Have fun! :)

  3. I think everyone is different in terms of what their bodies can handle. Mine could not hold up to that! But yours obviously can so go for it!

  4. Great schedule. I'm like MissZippy and couldn't handle the 50K; I'd need a year to get ready for it. You might want to switch the twice a day runs to getting more longer distances in before then.

  5. wowsers --- that's a ton -- by YOU, lady, can definitely handle it.

  6. It must be GREAT having some races on the calendar again! I know you were really missing it this summer. EXCITING!!!! Even more exciting that hubbs will be joining you for part of the 20K!