Daily Chatter

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Three Things Thursday

1.  The majority of my runs so far this week have been on the treadmill. 
And this is why:

This is how dark it is when I was done running last night.  Ugh!
It is only October 7th.  I wonder if I will ever even see the sunshine once the time changes?!
At least I know that I won't have a problem making myself get on the mill over the winter.

2.  "Done?  Me run."  That is what LBM says everyday as we approach our house at the end of our jogging stroller runs.  He already knows when we are getting close to the house and will start asking.
It is so cute.
Who know it would take three children before I finally got one that will want to run with me.
No.  Check that.
He wants to run faster than me.
Because once he is out of the stroller and running down the center of the road.
(Yeah okay you've all seen the pictures.  It's not a surprise!)
He yells over his shoulder, "Beat you.  Beat you."  As he giggles hysterically.

3.  Question?  How many of you go "commando" while running?
The reason I ask. 
Wednesday night I had already set the kiddos up with a snack and a movie and was changing into my running gear when I realized I had my shorts but nothing for under them.
I know that my running shorts are equipped to be worn than way but I was fussing with them the entire run.
So I ask, do you go commando or not?  Why?  Any lessons learned that helped you make your choice? 


  1. Good job on the treadmill running! Love your sons competitive spirit! And as far as commando, can't do it in my capris, but in my shorts, it's just too uncomfortable to have panties AND the supplied briefs. So, commando it is when I've got shorts on!

  2. I hate that it's dark so early and light so late right now! I want summer back!

    What a cutie pie you have!

    Always go commando--I would think it would be uncomfortable otherwise?

  3. hmmmm....never have gone comando before. maybe for yoga i have...but not for running.
    maybe i dont have the proper shorts for it...but id think it would be uncomfortable.

    kinda curious what others say....
    let us know

  4. I just went commando this Monday, haha!

    I always do so ONLY when I'm wearing my CW-x stabilyx tights coz they're meant to be worn without undies. =)

  5. LBM is soo cute! I hope to have a runner, too!

    I sometimes go comando, and sometimes I don't. For TMI, it depends on what time of the month it is ;) Otherwise, it doesn't bother me, too much ;)

  6. Aww, so cute that your son is so into it. So I guess what you're saying is I should have had another kid ... cuz' my 2 teens have NO desire to be runners.

    I don't do commando pretty much ever! Other than years ago under my biking shorts because they just worked better that way.

  7. awesome job on the tm running. sadly it's not an option for me so i end up running outside in the dark a lot! yayyyy for lbm being excitied about running :)

  8. I only go commando in shorts or skirts with built-in undies. Otherwise I am just not comfortable!

    LBM is toooo cute! What a joy.

    And I hear you on the darkness!! It's almost eerie out there in the morning.

  9. too cute! my kiddo has decided he wants to be a runner too, he is running his first race 10-10-10.

    and I always to commando (skirts with built ins)

  10. Always commando...but I hate underware anyways. Pictures of that lil guy always make me smile...WTG kid runners!

  11. I always wear the Tempo shorts with built in little liner...aren't you suppose to go commando? Never done otherwise :).

    Just LOVE that little bug man!!

  12. Funny! I tried the commando a couple of years ago after reading an article in Runner's World about it. I never thought about going commando before reading it. lol ! Anyway, once I tried it, I can't go back. Commando it is for me! Funny topic! (now panties are WAY to hot :) TMI!

  13. When wearing running shorts I go commando. At first I didn't, but the extra layer of undies was annoying. So I finally tried it without the undies and it was MUCH better. If I am wearing running tights or other workout pants (bottoms without the built in undies) then I always wear undies. Man, how many times can I use the word undies in this comment? :)

  14. I go commando - running skirt, capris, shorts. Doesn't matter. The less I have on, the happier I am. I've tried undies with my capris, but they just cause grief.

    Love that LBM is already a little runner like his amazing mommy!!

  15. I never wear underwear when I run- I like that they are built in. I feel like I would be picking my butt the entire run if I wore anything!