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Monday, October 18, 2010

Rural Fall Activities - Defined

TP Season has begun.

In case you are not familiar with the antics of rural hoodlums children I give you a brief run down.

TP = to waste copius amounts of toilet paper by winding it through trees, bushes, cars, over houses, under porches, through railings in an attempt to waste as much of the homeowner's time as possible in removing the wasted toilet paper.
TicTac or Corn = to throw handfuls of shells corn at passing vehicles from adjacent corn/wheat fields or from overpasses.
Soap = The liberal application of bar or liquid soap to the windows of a house, car or tractor in the attempt to "get away with it."  I mean can there be any other reason??
Spot-lighting = The attempt to get every deer in the area on the run to increase the already high chances that someone will hit them with their cars.  Alternative definition:  The attempt to annoy every homeowner by shining really bright lights into their homes at night.
Now you are completely prepared for the fall season and can speak the lingo!

Of course there was some running for me too. 
I needed that to get rid of the frustration of owing the house that always gets TPed!
My kids think it's an annual fall event.
At least the hoodlums kids are getting better at it year after year. 

Today is Day # 162

Oh well.  At least it saves me another trip to Sam's Club!


  1. OMG! I can't believe you were TP'd! But like you said, no Sam's Club! I would be so mad if my kids took my TP to TP someone's house...that stuff is not cheap! :)

  2. hilarious.

    I love TP season. I always loved getting TP'd. Always made me feel loved somehow. weird, I know. ;)

  3. Hahahaha! at least you got something food out of it =) Secretly, I've always wanted to try TP-ing a house. But I'm too scared and way too old already to do it. LOL!

  4. ahhhhhh you were tp'd! i'm surprised that i've never tp'd a house before. my friends and i weren't the most conscientious teenagers growing up haha

  5. Sadly, I was "that" kind of teenager who TP'd houses. If I ever get TP'd, I'll know it's karma.

  6. wow!! At least you got some free TP! Sounds like kids have a lot of "fun" around there!

  7. I know these things happen, but I've never actually seen a TP'd house :) ...good job saving it!