Daily Chatter

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Doesn't Anyone Sleep Around Here??

Day # 156 ~ p.m. run 6.5 miles

There I was last night enjoying my evening run with Jr. biking sherpa and LBM blindly thinking that life was cruising along in it's nice chaotic insane orderly routined way.  When...


LBM refuses to stay in bed until nearly 1:30 a.m.  Yes, that's in the middle of the night people!
THEN Army son decides to convey his future plans via text message at 1:30 also.
What?  Were they conspiring?

Didn't I just get done telling the world
(well at least the Face Book world)
how much I love routine?!?

This is to be my-world-is-mostly-rosey place
today my eyes are so bloodshot that it looks a little bit red.
And for that reason you get a glimpse into the craziness that sometimes happens
when you have a 20 year old, a 9 year old, and a 2 year old.
and a hubbs who sometimes falls in there somewhere inbetween.  He acts like it anyway!

Day # 157 - a.m. run 3.5 miles

After very very very little sleep I got S'ghetti girl (she's now my favorite!) off to school and a sleepy LBM and I went off for some give-mommy-some-strength-Lord run time.
It helped. 
A little.

For all you mommies with little ones who want to pull out your hair.
Think of me and remember that these days....

...these kinds of moments are fleeting.
Although they tire you at this age enjoy every moment and complain about none of them.
And when they start to drive you crazy go for a run...
it always helps
a little.


  1. they are so sweet when they are asleep :)
    The trying must balance out with cuteness......thats why little ones are so cute :)

  2. The picture of your sleeping babe made me get teary! So sweet. So precious. Such angels when they sleep. Did you see Racing With Babes giveaway today? The shirt she's wearing says, "no run=cranky+moody" your post made me think of it. I think we all need one of those shirts!

  3. Sleep deprivation really is one tough SOB. But look how sweet he is! Glad you got out no matter what!

  4. You are a strong running mamma! Love the little sleeping pic!

  5. No sleep = no fun!! I hope everyone behaves tonight!! My older kids know that I am NOT a nice mommy from the hours of 12 - 5 am.

  6. ugh! I so don't do well on no sleep, and everybody knows it. but he is SUPER sweet in that pic, and you're right...it goes so fast...

  7. Poor you! Hope you manage to get some sleep in tonight!