Daily Chatter

Friday, October 8, 2010

Over and Under Prepared

How can that be you wonder.
How can I be over and under prepared?

Let me tell you.

I am waaaaaay over trained.
no one's fault but my own.

152 days is a whole wagon load of habit.

Day # 152 ~ 3.5 miles a.m. run
I am waaaay under prepared because I haven't even washed my running clothes.
I haven't picked out what I'll wear.
I haven't even decided which shoes I'll wear.
trail or street

I did only run 3.5 miles yesterday
I have only ran 3.5 miles today.
that could help my legs feel a little bit rested. 
I have time tonight to do the wash.
there will be clothes to wear
no matter how I run or what I wear
I'll be running with Hubbs again
and that will be amazing!

Enjoy the weekend everyone.
Wishing you all strong legs and a happy heart in your running and racing adventure this weekend!


  1. i think you're funny!
    thankfully the weekend is here and you can do laundry.

    dont you hate it when life gets in the way of running. hehe

    happy weekend

  2. Have a wonderful race this weekend! I'm sure it will all come together. ;)

  3. Have a great race! To be honest though, I'm not entirely shocked that your race outfit isn't ready. Why hasn't s'getti girl stepped in yet?

  4. Have a blast this weekend, girl! I'll be thinking of you!!! HUGS!

  5. Good luck girlie! You're going to do great! Enjoy the time with the hubbs! Run strong, run fast AND have fun! All the rest will fall in to place on it's own ;)

  6. Have a great race and have fun. So awesome you get to run with the hubby!!

    And just as a side note, I am limiting my blog reading/commenting to two or three times per week so I totally understand being a little behind. It's all about priorities =) Thanks for thinking of me and always saying the perfect thing!!

  7. hhahah. GOOD LUCK! you'll kick major booty :)

  8. Hope you have a good race with the hubby. Fun!